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Chocolate Lab Facts

Interesting Facts About Chocolate Lab You Probably Didn't Know

This DogAppy post includes some chocolate lab facts that will tell you more about their history, temperament, appearance, and health.
Ratnashri Dutta
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018
Labrador Retrievers or Labs, as they are commonly called, come in three colors; yellow or golden, chocolate, and black.
Before going into the details about the size, the temperament, the faults etc., of the dog, it's best that we take a brief look into the history of these dogs.
These dogs have originated in Newfoundland during the 18th century. It was said that the Labradors are a cross breed between the Newfoundland dogs and the St. Johns Dog, which is now extinct. During the period of colonization, in the 19th century, the Labradors came to England and then moved across rest of the European countries. People used this dog breed as retrievers. They would accompany their masters on a hunting trip and when a bird was shot, these dogs went and retrieved the hunt for their masters, thus the name 'retrievers'. The origins of the chocolate labs can be traced back to 8 original bloodlines. But it was only in the 20th century that this color was seen as a distinct color.
The first thing that we need to learn about is their appearance. These dogs are true weathered dogs and they have a thick water resistant coat that protects them from harsh winters and also keeps their fur dry in the rains. They are excellent swimmers. They are large in size, with the male dog weighing 30 - 40 kg and the female weighing 25 to 33 kg. They grow up to a size of 57 to 60 cm (males) and 55 to 60 cm (females).
The head of the dog is broad, with a pronounced brow. The color of the eyes can be either brown or hazel and like most of the dogs, their eyes too speak volumes and are very expressive. Besides this, they also have a strong and muscular body.
This dog might be big, but extremely gentle at the same time. They are also very intelligent, hence they can be easily trained to perform tricks. They are well-balanced and friendly, without being territorial and aggressive. They are ever so gentle with anything they do. Did you know that a lab can carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it at all? When they are brought into the family, they become a part of it very fast. They can adjust to things quickly and gel with children of all ages.
Labs love the company of humans. Leave them alone, and their howling will bring the whole place down. Another fact is that these dogs simply love to eat. Their appetite is well-known. They also make good guard dogs and once they get to know the stranger, they become very friendly with them. The dog's behavior towards other pets is quite normal.
Health Problems
There are some problems that these dogs have inherited from their ancestors, some of them being the hip and the elbow dysplasia. They are also prone to suffer from various eyes and knee problems such as arthritis or maybe even from a rare case of deficiency of type II muscle fiber.
Ear infection is common among these dogs, given the kind of floppy ears they have. You also have to make sure that the dogs do not suffer from obesity. This can lead to various problems such as diabetes, or heart disease. So you have to take proper care in order to let them lead a happy and healthy life. With proper care, these dogs can live to the age of 10 to 13 years.
When the puppies are born, they are full of energy and they need lots of exercise. The new puppies weigh around 1 lb and they grow very quickly. By the time they are 26 weeks old, they weigh around 50 to 60 lb.
Remember to take good care of your pet lab, because one day even when the whole world turns its back on you, this is one friend who will never leave your side, no matter what.
Happy Labrador Retriever Dog
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Chocolate Labrador
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