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Poodle Terrier Mix

Poodle Terrier Mix

Poodle terrier mix dogs are becoming increasingly popular among American dog lovers. Here's more about them...
Geeta Dhavale
Poodle terrier mix is not a pure breed, as it is a cross between two dog breeds―terrier and poodle dogs. The poodle is the second most intelligent and skillful breed of dogs. It is essentially a retriever or a gun dog. It is found in various sizes, such as toy, miniature, standard, etc. The terrier is an active and fearless dog. There are different terrier dog breeds that are distinguished according to their appearance, size, and functions. So the mix dog is endowed with all the qualities of poodles and terriers. They are not only intelligent, but are extremely adorable too.

Plus Points
These are one of the best dogs to own. They are very active and cute. A lot of people are opting for them because of various advantages. First of all, they are one of the small dogs and are less intrusive to the household, as compared to a German Shepherd or a Labrador. It is also very difficult to dress macho hunter dogs, but considering their cuteness and small size, you can don them with cuddly pet outfits and other accessories. They are so small that you can easily take them out for rides on a bike or in a car. Generally, the purebred dogs are very costly and require high maintenance as compared to the mix breed dogs. This mix is a low maintenance pet, and is quite inexpensive.

How to Buy One
There are certain things you must check before buying a mix dog. Avoid buying a dog from puppy mills. Go in for an authorized and reputed dog breeder, rescue, or dog shelter. Spending some time with the dog before buying him is very important. Try to pay him as many visits as possible to observe and know the dog better. Some dogs show their real traits once they spend significant amount of time with you and when they are comfortable in your presence. This will help you form an emotional bond with the dog. You will also come to know about certain things, such as its behavior, illnesses, etc. Careful physical examination is also very important before you select any dog. Avoid buying a dog if he shows the following physical attributes:
  • Excessively inactive and less playful
  • Asymmetrical eyes
  • Crust or discharge from the eyes
  • Darker ear canals
  • Crust or discharge from the ears
  • Extremely wet nose
  • Dry and flaky nose
  • Inappropriate body postures
  • Any skin problems
All the above signs indicate the ill health of the dog. So check for the above signs and save yourself from buying an unhealthy dog. Apart from this, try to go for a dog that has adopted best traits from both the parents. If not, the dog will become a nuisance for you. For example, a puppy endowed with an undesirable combination of neurotic trait of poodles and destructive, stubborn traits of terriers, can be very difficult to train and control.

Caring for It
Any pet in the house needs to be taken care of, and when it comes to a poodle terrier mix, you have to pay extra attention. He has long hair, which if neglected, can become messy and unmanageable. So it is important to trim the hair periodically, and it is advisable to bathe and groom the dog regularly. This is an emotional dog, so treat him affectionately and spend some quality time with him every day. Not all the dogs are very choosy. Most of them eat any of the dog foods they are provided with. If the dog has acquired all the good traits from both the parents, then it is very easy to train it. It is also important to involve this dog in lots of physical activities, so that no pent-up energies are left for other destructive activities. It will also serve as an exercise for the dog that will keep him fit and healthy. The one thing you must never forget is showering your pet with love, care, and lots of affection.

No doubt the pet will become an integral part of your family. His innocent eyes will definitely make you forget all the stressful moments during the day, and his mischievous smile and cooing will certainly cheer up your mood.
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