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10 Most Wrinkled and Adorable Dog Breeds

Most Wrinkled Dog Breeds
Wrinkles on the face can be extremely distressing for anyone but on dogs, wrinkles just adds to their cuteness factor. Here are some of the most wrinkled dog breeds out there.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Did you know...
... that the wrinkles in a Shar Pei, as ascertained by researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), are due to a genetic disorder called mucinosis which is caused by the excessive production of hyaluronic acid. This acid accumulates under the skin and leads to skin folds and thickened skin
While you are trying your best to hide away those ugly wrinkles from your face, our canine friends seem to revel in the attention that the wrinkles bring with them. The wrinkly skin on animals is just so adorable, adding to their cuteness quotient and making people go all gaga over them. Most of these are brachycephalic (short head and flat face) breeds.

From small pugs with their scrunched-up forehead to the huge bloodhounds with long, slobbery jowls, wrinkled dog breeds receive a lot of attention. However, when choosing these breeds it is also important to know that these wrinkles can be a site for infection-causing bacteria. This is the reason that greater care must be taken to maintain the hygiene of these dogs. If caring for the dog is not an issue for you, then you should consider owning these dog breeds with all those skin folds and their perpetually cute expressions. Here are ten of the most wrinkled dog breeds.
Ten Most Wrinkled Dog Breeds
Chinese Shar-Pei
wrinkled shar pei
Origin: China
Colors: All solid colors
Size: Large
Also known as Chinese Shar-Pei, this dog breed is cute with a perpetually sad expression, very wrinkled and a dog owner's pride. The distinct physical characteristics of the dog include a large head, a blue-black tongue and a sandy, solid-colored, rough coat with lots of wrinkles of course. The puppies of this breed have more wrinkles than their adult counterparts, so do not be disheartened if you find the puppy rolls gone after a while. Originally bred by the Chinese to work as a farm and hunting dog, this breed is known for its stubborn yet intelligent nature. Although they tend to be a bit hostile with strangers, they can be extremely loving family dogs.
English Bulldog
English bulldog puppy
Origin: British Isles
Colors: Red, fawn, white, brindle, piebald
Size: Medium
Ferocious, courageous, resolute and totally dignified, the English bulldog is a heavy, muscular dog with a wrinkled face, folds around the neck, a typical punched-in nose and short muzzle. Despite their haughty, disdainful expression, this dog is extremely gentle and protective, especially towards young family members. They are well suited to small apartments and the urban life as these dogs do not require a lot of exercise. Watch out for their stubborn and extremely lazy nature though.
Closeup of pug face
Origin: China
Colors: Black, apricot fawn, silver fawn and fawn with well-defined "mask"
Size: Small
Who can resist a pug? One look at that small little face, with the scrunched up forehead that gives it a constant worried look, and you know what makes the pug a favorite toy dog the world over. It has a short and compact body with a curled tail and a smooth, glossy coat. They are often described as multum in parvo which means much in a small space or a lot of dog in a small space. This alludes to their playful temperament and outgoing personality. They are perfect for small apartments, as they need minimal exercise and can easily adapt to human situations.
Neapolitan Mastiff
Sad neapolitan mastiff
Origin: Italy
Colors: Blue-grey, tawny, black and mahogany
Size: Extra large
If you are not intimidated with their huge size then all the loose skin hanging around is sure to make you very scared of this dog. Apart from their size and abundant wrinkles, the Neapolitan Mastiff can be identified by its huge head, deep-set eyes and a lumbering gait. The one thing you need to watch out for with this breed is lots of drooling, especially in hot summer months and after a drink. While they may look scary, this breed is actually quite affectionate, loving and calm. They are very protective of their families and quite reserved with strangers. Due to their large size and need for regular exercise, they may not be recommended for families adopting a dog for the first time or those with young children.
Dogue de Bordeaux
Fawn dogue de bordeaux
Origin: France
Colors: Fawn-colored, ranging from a dark red to a light fawn.
Size: Large

This French Mastiff breed has characteristic breed traits like a large, wrinkled head and a stocky, athletic body. Trained to bait bears and bulls, this breed makes an excellent guard dog. It has an extremely patient temperament and calm nature.
Wrinkled bloodhound
Origin: England / France
Colors: Red, Black and tan and liver and tan
Size: Large
The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes this dog as a unique looking dog in a baggy suit. Renowned for its tracking skills, these dogs are known to pick up scents even after days, over great distances, making them the perfect scent hounds for law enforcement agencies. Their sweet and affectionate nature along with those adorable sunken eyes and loose jowls with constant drooling make them one of the most-loved large dog breeds.
English Mastiff
Fawn english mastiff
Origin: England
Colors: Brindle, fawn or apricot with a black mask.
Size: Extra large
Also known simply as Mastiff, the English Mastiff is truly huge with a well-knit square frame and broad, wrinkled head. These dogs were used since ancient times for bull baiting and lion fighting. Later they became popular as farm dogs and watchdogs that kept dangerous predators away. These dogs are extremely docile and gentle companions. They are generally easy-going and seem to get on well with small pets and children.
Bull Mastiff
Origin: England
Colors: Brindle, fawn or red, often with a black mask.
Size: Extra large

Bred from Mastiffs and Bulldogs, which probably accounts for its wrinkled look, the Bullmastiff is a large guard dog that is known to track quietly and cover short distances quickly. Gamekeepers bred these dogs specifically to catch poachers without harming them. These dogs are fearless, obedient and docile towards their family. They are difficult to train however.
French Bulldog
French bulldog puppy
Origin: France/England
Colors: Red, fawn, cream, white, brindle, black, blue, and their combinations.
Size: Small

A small companion dog that is known for its cute bat ears, muscular frame and small wrinkled face, the French bulldog was bred or rather downsized from a large bulldog to a toy dog size. This indoor dog breed is often extremely active and intelligent. The small size makes it a perfect lap dog. In fact, this dog actively seeks human contact and loves being showered with affection.
White Pekingese On Wooden Bench
Origin: China
Colors: Not Specific
Size: Small
Also known as the lion-dog, the Pekingese is an ancient toy dog from China that is noted for the deep wrinkles on its face and a flat muzzle. They have long undercoats which require quite a lot of grooming. They were bred for Chinese royalty (Tang dynasty of the 8th century) and treated with great care. In fact, stealing one of these royal dogs could earn you a death sentence at that time. Although affectionate, these lapdogs have a regal dignity and self importance. They are also extremely difficult to housebreak.
French Bulldog
French Bulldog Playing Outside In Snow
Pug On The Beach
Shar Pei Puppy
English Bulldog Puppy
Cute Pug With Toy
Eating Basset Hound
English Bulldog Playing With Stick
Safety Gates For Puppy
English Bulldog Pup In The Grass
Shar Pei Autralian Shepherd In Meadow
Dog Pet Pug
Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy With Child
Cocktail Puppy
Spoiled Dog
Neapolitan Mastiff
Cute Dogue De Bordeaux Puppy
Caring for wrinkled dog breeds can be challenging as the skin folds and wrinkles are prone to recurring bouts of skin irritation and soreness. Skin fold dermatitis is a serious concern for these dogs. It is thus important to clean the deep folds with a damp cloth and then dry it properly. Leaving moisture behind can aid in bacterial skin infections. Discuss the hygiene and care regimen with the veterinarian when adopting these dog breeds.