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Fantastic Information About the Maltese-Chihuahua Mix (Malchi)

Information About the Maltese-Chihuahua Mix (Malchi)
The Maltese-Chihuahua mix is a very cute dog. It is loving, playful, and loyal to the core. DogAppy provides some information about the cute pooch that is the Malchi.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Hybrid Registries
The dog registries that recognize the Malchi as a designer breed are:
International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)
Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC)
American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
Mix breed dogs, or designer breeds, are a cross of two pure breeds, intended to create a new and unique dog. Among these is the Malchi. This little pooch is a strong contender when it comes to being an awesome pet. Don't go by its size; it is fearless, and will fight anyone that tries to harm its family. Loyalty runs deep in its blood. It is also extremely affectionate, playful, and lively. It will seek to please those it holds close, but may also be a bit stubborn on some days.

The best part about this dog's small size is that you can take it with you wherever you go; that and the fact that it has a very accommodating personality (for its family). It proves to be a great companion for elder people, and a wonderful friend to elder children. This is also one of the few dogs that displays immense variety when it comes to appearances and temperament. Curious yet? Read the following paragraphs to learn more about the Malchi dog.
The Folks
The Chihuahua breed
The Chihuahua
The Maltese breed
The Maltese
Small and small breeds small, and this cute little pooch is no exception. A full-grown Malchi stands between 6 and 12 inches tall, and weighs no more than 7 to 11 pounds. It is between the Chihuahua and the Maltese when it comes to size.
The ears of this breed can be upright or dropped, the tail can be long or short, and the appearance can vary greatly even within the same litter. The coat color depends on the genetics. It can be completely white, or have shades of cream and brown in it. The length of the coat also varies from dog to dog, and depends on the Chihuahua parent; if he/she is long-haired, then some pups may have a longer coat, and vice versa.
Cutwe Malchi puppy
Malchi puppy - Cuteness overload!!
This breed is known to have a gregarious personality. A Malchi is loyal, friendly, affectionate, and very protective of the family. Being a small dog, it does have a tendency to bark more than necessary. For the same reason, this breed is known to be nervous around small children, and can snap at them out of fear of getting hurt. Hence, it is a suitable pet only for families who have older kids or all adults. Otherwise, it is a total delight to have around.
This dog has a minimum grooming requirement. Brushing a few times a week is sufficient for it. However, care must be taken that the coat of a long-haired Malchi does not mat. Grooming also entails other care, such as ear cleaning. Furry ears become a breeding ground for infections, so always keep your Malchi's ears clean and dry. Dental hygiene and nail clipping is also important.

When it comes to shedding, it is difficult to give any specific facts about this breed. The shedding frequency of every puppy depends entirely on what genes it inherits from its parents. There can be one pup who doesn't shed and one who sheds heavily present in the same litter!
Training a Malchi requires patience, perseverance, and most importantly, being nice! This breed is famous for having a stubborn streak, which makes training a bit of a challenge. Positive reinforcement and the 'treats system' work well. But you will need patience, lots of it. It is finally a dog with an independent mind. Take the process slowly, and if you are unable to handle it, then consult a professional trainer.
This breed loves to play, but it does not have boundless energy. Short, brisk walks twice a day are enough. The dog can entertain itself indoors quite well. Keep in mind that this is a delicate dog; so instead of a belt and leash, use a body belt when walking your pet, so as to avoid any harm to its trachea as a result of tugs or pulls.
Apart from possible ear infections, the Malchi is quite a healthy breed. Its life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.
Living Conditions
A Malchi does not require much space to move around. Thus, it can do well in an apartment. One thing to remember is that if you have a house with a yard, do not let your Malchi stay outside unsupervised. Small dogs are easy bait for bigger dogs, cats, and predatory birds, which can injure or even kill them.
Isn't the Malchi an absolutely wonderful dog to have as a pet? It never ceases to amuse, right from its genetics to its antics! This was some basic information about this dog, if you wish to buy one as a pet. And please don't forget to first check out adoption centers for finding a dog. Buying from a breeder only patronizes the 'breeding business'; more dogs are born and even lesser find homes. Isn't it better to make an abandoned dog's life love-filled instead?
Baby Chihuahua
Dog Wedding
Chihuahua Dressed In Scarf And Leg Warmers
Chihuahua Wearing Hat Scarf And Glasses
Dressed Chihuahua Wearing Glasses
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Chihuahua Sitting
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Puppies Chihuahua
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