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How Much Do the Beautiful and Cute Shih Tzu Puppies Cost?

How Much Do Shih Tzu Puppies Cost?
The Shih Tzu descend from the Lhasa Apso and Pekingese dog breeds. Their distinctive coat and various coat colors have caught the attention of many. Are you wondering about their cost? Well, take a look at the information in this article.
Amruta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Shih Tzu was a very popular dog breed during the Ming dynasty of China that was later discovered by the English in World War II. Its lusciously flowing coat makes the dog look very elegant and stunning. Shih Tzu means a lion and hence this breed is also called lion dog. This bloodline is sturdy, alert and are energetic. It is a small dog with long flowing coat that makes it look graceful. Suitable for apartment life, a Shih Tzu rises up to 11 inches in height and they weigh around 9-16 pounds. As dogs of this breed have a long back and short leg they are prone to spine diseases and also prone to skin ailments. Being a small dog breed, they are not used to rigorous exercise. Therefore, overfeeding such breeds can even cause obesity.
There are many factors that make this dog more desirable than any other small dog breed. Their playful and non-aggressive nature have made these dogs a favorite among many dog breeders and owners. As dogs of this bloodline were bred for only companion purposes, they demand for a lot attention and care from their master. Therefore, before buying a Shih Tzu pup, it is essential to know all about their traits, temperament and even various health problems. Let us now take a look.
Cost of Puppies
Many breeders are always experimenting with different and unique breeds. Shih Tzu, being a small dog breed, has become very popular and therefore, breeders and dog lovers are showing keen interest in this dog breed. There are certain dog lovers who want to possess a dog to raise for championship purposes, while some just want it for companionship. One of the main objective in breeding dogs is to maintain a pure bloodlines and ensure the breed's good health. Ignorant breeders often sell good breeds at a lower price and do not maintain the records of the bloodline. On the other hand, there are breeders that raise champion dogs, but sell their pups at higher rate. Buying a pup from a well reputed breeder can cause less health problems and assure a good and a healthy Shih Tzu pup. Therefore, buyers who are interested in purchasing a Shih Tzu pup must look into the records of the pup's parents and also be able to differentiate a healthy and an unhealthy pup. In the US, the price range of these puppies varies from $900 - $2,500. The cost will fluctuate if you are buying from a pet store or from a new breeder. Prices could also be around $400 - $500 in case you are buying it from a pet store or from a person who you know, such as a friend or a relative.
Grooming and Training Cost
A cost of a pet not only involves purchasing it from a breeder, but also includes its grooming and training. Its long flowing coat requires good amount of maintenance to keep it healthy and free from shedding. There are professional groomers that completely look after the dog and charge as per the amount of grooming involved. The average cost of Shih Tzu grooming is around $30. In case you are not interested in handing your pup to a groomer, try doing it at home. However, the owner must know about the right products to be able to make grooming enjoyable for their Shih Tzu pup. Puppy care is important as dogs of this breed are delicate and demand for plenty of attention
Training is another factor that influences the cost of a Shih Tzu pup. To avoid expense of training, you can take some tips on how to train a Shih Tzu. Starting with some basic training such as housebreaking a Shih Tzu can induce some discipline into the pup. If you want to save the trouble of training your pup, then trainers can always be there to train them. However, some might charge hefty fees while others might be cheaper. Depending on the nature of training, the fees of the trainer will fluctuate. If you want to put your dog into dog shows to achieve the level of championship, the trainers fees might higher as it involves a lot of time and patience. There are certain dog trainers that work under dog training organizations, such as the Elite Dog Owner's Club charges around $77 per month, but gives the first month free as it is considered as the trial month.
If you are planning to buy a dog of this breed, then it is essential that you give adequate amount of attention and care to this dog. A loving dog owner helps in bonding with the dog as well as it ensures good and healthier lifespan of the pup.
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