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Great Dane Growth Chart Depicting the Developmental Stages of This Dog

Great Dane Growth Chart
The Great Dane is a giant dog breed that grows quite fast. Many new owners are unaware of the growth rate of this breed. DogAppy provides a growth chart for the Great Dane, based on average values common to the breed.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Generally Accepted Appearances
The ideal height and weight for a full-grown male Great Dane is 32 to 36 inches and 140 to 170 pounds. The same for a female Great Dane is 29 to 33 inches and 110 to 140 pounds.
The Great Dane is also known as the gentle giant, and rightfully so. Anyone who takes a look at this dog will say that it is a giant. Although having a Dane as a pet is an absolute delight, many first-time Dane parents do not know the growth stages of this breed, thus not knowing what to expect.

The following is a chart that depicts the growth stages of a Great Dane, be it a female or a male. This chart is based on average values. Please remember that each dog is unique, and your Dane may not always exactly fit within the range of height and weight values mentioned below.

It is only when they are fully grown that a gender discrimination can be made in the values. This is because female Danes are typically shorter and lighter than males. However, that is a generalized statement. There are many individual female Danes that are taller or heavier than their average height and weight scale, and there are males that are lighter and shorter too.
Growth Chart for Great Danes

Age Weight (Pounds) Height (Inches)
At Birth 1 - 2 NA
1 Week 2 - 3 NA
2 Weeks 3 - 5 NA
3 Weeks 4 - 7 NA
4 Weeks 5 - 8 NA
6 Weeks 10 - 20 NA
2 Months 18 - 26 13 - 18
3 Months 30 - 45 17 - 23
4 Months 45 - 65 21 - 26
5 Months 60 - 85 23-30
6 Months 70 - 105 26 - 33
7 Months 75 - 110 27 - 34
8 Months 80 - 120 27 - 35
9 Months 85 - 125 28 - 35
One year 90 - 140 29 - 36
Full-grown 100 - 200 28 - 38
Growth Stages
Newborn Great Dane
Newborn great Dane
Great Dane at 3 to 4 weeks
Sniffing dog
Great Dane between 2 to 4 months
Dog with the evidence
Great Dane between 8 to 12 months
Dog in the snow
Adult Great Dane
Black great Dane
Black great Dane puppy eating
One very common mistake that some Dane owners make is to overfeed their pup to make it bigger, faster. Remember, this is not a contest as to who has the biggest Dane. It is in the interest of your dog to let it grow at its natural pace. Feeding more food than he/she requires will only result in future health issues such as joint problems and weight matters. You will expect your dog to grow fast, but if he/she is growing slowly, then just have patience. Also check if your dog is big-boned. In that case, you will have to take special measures.

A strict feeding schedule needs to be followed, and the quantity of food that you give to your Dane must also be regulated. Giant dogs are more prone to bone problems due to their longer limbs. Hence, a diet that is low in fat, protein, and calcium is apt. This is why vets recommend against using puppy food; it is high in all the three contents, and can cause health problems like hip dysplasia in the future. It is also advised not to feed your dog anything over and above his/her meals.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your tall Dane will have trouble eating from a bowl placed on the floor. There are special bowl holders that keep the food at an elevated level, making it easy for your dog to have his/her meal. Never let your dog run around immediately after a meal. Let him/her rest for at least 2 hours. Both these things are important to prevent a serious condition called 'bloat'. Talk to your vet and chalk out a diet plan for your Dane. The vet will be able to advise you on the correct kind of food to get, and the quantities and frequencies of feeding.
This was all about the growth rate of the Great Dane dog breed. Do not forget that the chart is an average of the growth frequency of this breed. Your dog will always grow at a slightly different pace. So do not overfeed it, keep the exercise requirements in mind, and you will have a wonderful Dane as a pet.
Playing Puppy
Dogs Running Together In Snow