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The Good and Not-so-good Traits of Chihuahua Terrier Mix Breeds

Chihuahua Terrier Mix
The chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world, and you can easily carry them around in your pocket. They have been named after the place 'Chihuahua' in Mexico. They are graceful, alert, swift-moving and lively.
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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
The terriers, however, originated in Great Britain and Ireland. They are hardy and were used to hunt rabbits, foxes, etc. Some people wanted a dog that would be alert and a good guard dog, as well as a good companion and an apartment dog. So they mixed both the chihuahua and the terrier dog and got the chihuahua terrier mix that represented the best qualities of both the dogs.
The Mixed Breed
These dogs represent the best of both the terrier and the chihuahua breed. They are hardy, bold and high-spirited like the terriers, and intelligent, companionable and lively like the chihuahuas. These dogs are carefree and outgoing and the bond that they share with their masters is very strong. They are also extremely good guard dogs as they are very alert, mainly during the night.
The mix is a cross breed of terrier and chihuahuas. They are lively and intelligent and very loyal pets. These dogs are one of the healthiest breeds on earth today and they live for an average of 15-17 years. The main disadvantage is that they have got very fragile bones. Hence, do not expose them to physical activities which might break their bones. In general, all chihuahua mix breeds are susceptible to cold and shed their hair during summer.
These dogs tend to be more reserved with strangers, but are more aggressive with other dogs. Therefore, you need to teach your dog how to socialize. From a very early age, get them to mix with other humans and animals (not only dogs). If you do not do this then they develop an aggressive nature when they turn into an adult. Once they learn how to socialize, they can be very friendly even with other animals.
The chihuahua terrier mix dogs are alert and curious. At the slightest sound, they will go to check it out. They are loyal to their masters, and also protective about them. They often get closely attached to one family member of the house. They are suspicious of strangers and other dogs, mainly the larger ones. They can communicate very well with dogs of their size. Their small size makes it difficult for them to communicate with the bigger dogs.
Like the adults, the chihuahua terrier mix puppies are also very lively. When they are born, extra attention should be paid to them as they not only have fragile bones like the adult dogs, but they have something called molera, which is an open gap located at the top of their skull. The gap closes by the time the puppies reach adulthood. But till then, you have to be very careful while handling them as they are prone to head injuries.
From a very young age, teach the puppies about bathroom training. At the beginning it will be very difficult, but once they get the hold of it, you will face no problems. Also keep these puppies away from young kids as they have fear of children. Your child's uncoordinated behavior, or tendency to throw things and fall, scares the dog. Hence, they tend to stay away from them.
Types of Chihuahua Terrier Mix
Boston Terrier by Orange Fencing
Characteristics: This mix weighs around 10-15 pounds when fully grown. They have larger ears than chihuahuas and stand upright. They may or may not have a tail.
Temperament: It isn't as chatty as the other mixes. Nevertheless, it will bark to alert you about any strange presence around your house. It is more of an indoor dog. This breed gets uncomfortable in extremes of climate (too hot or too cold). It has adopted the weepy eyes from the chihuahua breed. It is overall healthy, except that it is prone to an underbite, which can be prevented by feeding soft food to the dog.
Characteristics: It is one of a kind chihuahua mix that takes in positives from both the sides and combines it into a cute package. A full-grown Malchi is about 5-12 pounds and 12-14 inches. The appearance depends on whether the genetic traits have taken after Chihuahua or Maltese Terrier.
Temperament: They are super lively and extremely loving. Although a little difficult to train, they are completely committed to their masters. Depending on the mixture (if they favor chihuahua traits), they may be prone to eye illnesses and ear infections.
Rat terrier dog
Characteristics: It is an interesting mix of the world's smallest dog and a farm dog. This is a mix of two opposites. While a chihuahua does not get along with children, rat terriers are good with kids.
Temperament: It inherits the general mix breed traits, but can be easily trained to bring out the best of both breeds. With regards to health, this breed faces fewer health problems than the other mix breeds.
Dog on the rocks
Characteristics: The coat type of this breed is important while choosing your dog. It has long as well as short hair. Long-haired coats require an effort to be maintained, whereas short-haired ones are easily manageable.
Temperament: Initially they are fussy eaters, but with time they get accustomed to the food provided to them. Unlike other chihuahua mixes, they can get enough exercise indoors. This does not show that they are not outdoor pets. They love running around the streets or gardens as well. As they get their genes from a farm animal, they are quite adaptable. They may develop grass or tree allergies or allergies to soy products.
A fit, well-vaccinated puppy may cost anywhere between $600-4000. There are many adoption pets which can be bought at a cheaper price like $50-300, but in such cases you should immediately take the dog to a vet. Also, a female costs more than a male. Depending upon the seller, he/she might increase or decrease the price as the pup gets older. One of the best options is to find prospective families who want to sell their puppies through online forums, because they normally quote a lower price.
With the confidence that this information will help you understand your dog better, I would like to end with a saying by Roger Caras "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
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