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Unique Characteristics of the Border Collie-Golden Retriever Mix

Characteristics of Border Collie-Golden Retriever Mix
From small to big and hairless to the hairiest, all dogs are equally adorable. Once such adorable canine is the mixed breed of Border Collie and Golden Retriever.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Did You Know?
The talent of this hybrid dog is guarding, obedience, agility, and military work. It falls in the group herding and sporting, owing to the parent breeds.
Owning a dog is a big commitment. They are demanding and need full care and attention just as small babies do. They need to be trained and groomed regularly. Dogs need to be properly cared for no matter what commitments you may have or if you are the busiest with your life. You can't stop caring for your dog. The mix of purebred Border Collie and purebred Golden Retriever is also called the Golden Border Retriever. It is recognized by the Dog Registry of America, Inc.
If you are looking for a playful and lovable, yet intelligent and alert dog, then golden border retriever is the one for you. It is generally good with small children and family, and makes an amazing pet. If you are thinking of getting a golden border retriever, make sure you are available to cater to its needs and demands. Make sure you can provide it a suitable and good environment to live in.
The Border Collie is a beauty-with-brains dog whereas Golden Retriever has a reputation of being lovable, playful, and a loyal dog. Now you must have gotten an idea what your Golden Border Retriever is going to be like. This wonderful hybrid inherits many positive traits from both the parents. It is classified as the herding and sporting type. Herding dogs have a strange ability of reacting to whistles and commands, which is why they are trained in herding. This herding type is inherited from Border Collie parent, which are herders by instinct. Hence, the offspring also exhibits same qualities. The sporting breeds help in hunting birds and other games. This particular type has been inherited from Golden Retriever parent, which explains the energetic and playful nature of the offspring. Read on to find out more about your pet.
Border Collie
Border Collie
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever
Characteristics of Border Collie and Golden Retriever Mix
Breed Group: Herding, Sporting
Type: Hybrid
Weight: 45-75 pounds
Height: Medium (24-25 inches)
Color: Black, Black-White, Brown-White, Dark Brown/Chocolate, Light Brown/Golden
Coat: Dense
Life Expectancy: 10-15 years
Shedding: Regular
Availability: Easily available
Rarity: Common
Golden Border Retrievers are medium-sized dogs, and have the appearance as that of the parents.

They are usually suitable for all climate-types.

They have a good built and usually grow up to 24-25 inches in height and weight up to 45-75 pounds.

The eyes are almond-shaped and deep.

The ears are flappy, and muzzle is medium in size and a bit built-up on the lips.

The coat is rough, dense, and water-resistant from outside and soft from inside.

The tail is slightly long and turned to the back.

They come in different color combinations of black, white, brown, and golden depending upon the parents.
These dogs have the dominant features of its Border Collie parent. They are agile, intelligent, and energetic.

They are always alert and attentive to their surroundings, and will inform the family of any possible threat approaching.

They have a high stamina and endurance. Therefore, they will need a lot of exercise and playful activities.
They are friendly to all the people around them.

They are affectionate, patient, lovable, and loyal, which makes them an excellent pet and family dogs.

They are good and playful with children and other pets, the quality inherited from Golden Retriever parent.

Make sure you don't leave them alone for a longer time. They may get bored, anxious, and lonely.
Training and Activities
Golden Border Retrievers are easy to train. Improper training may lead your dog to show behavioral problems like digging, licking, and chewing.

They have the dominant qualities of Border Collies. They have immense stamina and require enough physical activities, especially daily walks and hard exercises.
They like to play fetch-the-ball and other playing things like Frisbee.

Having acquired energetic and playful traits from Golden Retrievers, it is advisable to take them for long walks, running, or jogging daily so that your dog remains healthy. If they won't get enough exercise, they may become obese causing further health problems.

They enjoy swimming in ponds and lakes, and getting dirty in mud. You might even find them coming home dirty enough from their walks. They love to dig around. So, make sure you have ample space in your garden for them to play around and they don't go overboard with digging.
Having a dog in the house means extra work; keeping the house and furniture clean at all times, washing and maintaining hygiene, and bathing the dog regularly too.

The parents of this mixed breed shed their coat regularly and profusely, especially Golden Retrievers, which do so to a greater extent. So naturally, you can expect your mixed breed to also shed enough.
Brush your pooch's coat regularly with a solid bristle brush to control excessive shedding.

Clean your dog's ears on a regular basis to keep ear infections at bay.

Take your dog to vet for regular grooming.
Common Health Problems
Golden border retrievers can inherit some health problems from their parent breeds, although it also depends on how healthy the parents are.

The common health issues noticed in parents are epilepsy, hip dysplasia, heart problems, cancer, deafness, eye defects, skin allergies, and Von Willebrand disease.
The best way to avoid all these problems are by closely examining your dog and keeping a track of its behavior, and also by keeping a check on what food is being fed.

Make sure you regularly visit the vet to keep your dog free from health issues.

And most important - better health care makes a dog healthy.
Sounds such a happy, friendly, and playful dog isn't it? Golden border retrievers make amazing canine pals and excellent pets. They can brighten up your life within seconds and bring an instant smile to your face. Take proper care of it and this little (Okay, not so little!) pooch will shower you with immense love and happiness. You must give great consideration before choosing your dog, as it's going to be with you and your family for at least next 10-12 years.
Happy Border Collie Dog In Garden
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