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Facts About the Blue Tick Beagle, a Rather Rare Dog Breed

Blue Tick Beagle
The blue tick beagle is a rare variety of the beagle dog breed. To learn more about this type of beagle, scroll below.
Shah Newaz Alam
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
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Small but quick and alert, with a pleasing nature, the Beagle is a dog breed designed for the hunt. Being a member of the hound group of dogs, it has an amazing sense of smell and can very accurately track a variety of smells. Today, the beagle is still used as a hunting dog for small-sized game like rabbits and is also used as a detection dog, in law enforcement agencies, due to its keen sense of smell. It has also made an impact in popular culture, mainly through the comic character, "Snoopy".


Height: 13-16 inches
Weight: 18-35 lbs
Body structure: Compact and lean body with muscular legs, shorter in proportion to body. Broad, smooth head with large eyes and long, soft, rounded ears. Broad-chested with narrow abdomen and short tail.
Type of coat: Short-haired, smooth, hard coat, typical of the hound group.
Color: Tricolor (black, white, brown) or white with different colors (tan, lemon, red, brown, liver, black)
Markings: Blue ticks or flecks on the light-colored part of the coat.

Beagles do not have block or singular coat colors, rather, their coats are mixed patterns in either two or three colors, such as a black back or saddle with a brown head and white underbelly. They can also have small flecks or spots on the white parts of their body, either blue or red in color. This color variety of beagles are called ticked or mottled beagles. A blue ticked beagle has black or blue flecks on the white part of its body.


The term "blue tick" is just used to denote the color of this dog. Blue tick beagles behave just like other beagles. They are:
  • Intelligent and smart. They need to be kept active and love to play games.
  • Curious and alert. This small dog will examine and explore at will, tracking a scent or determinedly pursuing a target.
  • Gentle and friendly. They are not aggressive or high-strung, neither are they shy or sulky. They are affectionate and loving companions.
  • Lively and playful. Beagles have high-energy levels and love to run around, explore or dig around the yard.
  • Sociable. This breed of dog is good with adults, kid-friendly and will gel with other dogs. Their gentle and patient nature makes them ideal pets for children.
  • Pack animals. Beagles are ancestrally, used to being a part of a pack. They are not used to being left alone.
  • Vocal in barking and baying. They belong to the hound group of dogs, so on picking up a scent or exploring, they can bay or bark loudly.

Beagles can be apartment dogs, provided there is enough space for them to be active indoors and they can be taken outside from time to time. A small, fenced yard is necessary to keep this dog active and healthy.

This small dog breed is very energetic and needs at least one brisk walk, each day. It is a hunting dog and will chase interesting scents. So always walk the dog on a leash, to prevent it from running off.

Don't be fooled by its cute, pleading face. The beagle is a stubborn little fellow, with a very determined personality. Its training requires a firm but patient hand, as this dog breed gets distracted very easily. A trainer should also be inventive and understand when the dog is bored. If ill-trained, a beagle will disobey his owner repeatedly or develop behavioral problems.

A beagle requires grooming from time to time. They have a short-haired coat but shed minimally. They need to be brushed from time to time. It is not necessary to bathe them often, unless they are obviously dirty (from rolling around in the mud).

Beagles, as a purebred dog breed, suffer from few health problems. Their expected lifespan is between 10-13 years. Epilepsy, dwarfism, hypothyroidism and eye problems like retinal atrophy, glaucoma and "cherry eye" are some health issues, that this breed are prone to.

To sum up, the blue tick beagle is a colorful, active and bright little four-legged friend, ideal for a family or as a companion to a single adult. The cheery and friendly nature of this diminutive canine is why it ranks as one of the most popular and well-loved breeds in the U.S.A. But a beagle is not a good pet for those who work for long hours and have little time to spare, as this type of dog hates being left alone.
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