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All You Wanted to Know (But Didn't) About the Beagle Terrier Mix

Beagle Terrier Mix
Beagle terriers mix make excellent watchdogs. Let's get into knowing them better!
Narayani Karthik
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Beagle Terrier mix are one of the mixed breed of dogs which happen to inherit traits from pure breeds of beagles and terriers (both being ancient pure breeds). Small in size (about 12-15 inches), they exhibit spunky personalities that is typical in terriers. They come with a variety of characteristics as they carry the genetic traits of both parent breeds - beagles and terriers. These dogs weigh almost 20-25 pounds. Some dogs are athletic and muscular with an agile body structure whereas some are smooth and wire-haired.
Some Best Known Types of Beagle Terrier Mix
Pug Beagle Terrier Mix: Often nicknamed as puggles these are popular designer dogs which have a wrinkled snout of a pug, extreme sensitivity to sounds and smells like that of beagles and pro activeness as that of the terriers. They also make excellent family pets and are most adored by children.
Beagle Boston Terrier Mix: Beagle Boston terrier mix is a hybrid of Beagle and Boston terrier. This is also quite an alert dog pertaining to its characteristics from Beagles and is also extremely obedient to the master who tames it. Hence, dog obedience is never an issue with these delightful dogs! Beagle Boston terriers are often known as Boglen terriers.
Beagle Mix Rat Terrier: These dogs are quite adaptable and versatile carrying traits of both beagles and rat terriers. With an amazing sense of pro activeness inherited from beagles and a sense of adaptability inherited from terriers, these dogs serve a laudable purpose in many rescue operations.
How do Beagle Terrier Mix Dogs Behave?
Beagle terrier mix are cute lovable and playful dogs with inborn learning instincts. They are happy-go-lucky by nature and make some of the best kid friendly dogs. They, like beagles, get along quite well with other dog breeds. Also, they tend to find a friend in whosoever they come across. Because of this trait, this mixed breed is not much recommended as guard dogs as they don't feel an immediate suspicion for any stranger. But then they are supposed to have the keenest sense of smell. And due to their hunting instincts, they often chase things that intrigue them. After all they are hounds! For instance, if they are playing with you and suddenly some unfamiliar smell or sound distracts them, they are bound to lose interest in the current activity and would go chasing behind the source of distraction. That is why these dogs tend to get lost or stolen if not kept under a watchful eye. These dogs are quite curious and receptive under dog training and can be tamed into wonderful pets!
Now coming to characteristics inherited from terriers, beagle mix terriers are extremely energetic, intelligent and smart. They have strong hunting instincts and can appear quite manipulative at times. For instance, a beagle terrier mix can easily figure out what is expected of him from you. If he is not in a mood to heed your command, he may choose to ignore it. The trust factor however differs in beagles and terriers. Terriers unlike beagles are cautious dogs with an extreme self-defensive attitude. They tend to bark and growl at the slightest sound made. Most of the beagle terriers do inherit this trait. However, overall they have a moderate temperament.
Beagle Terrier mix are quite energetic and must be fed with nutritious diet containing carbohydrates and proteins (Meat and fish make good diets) as they need the energy when hunting. To prevent dog obesity, these dogs must be fed dry food twice a day daily. The behavior is definitely not a predictable one as it is the product of a variety of traits inherited from the pure breeds of beagles and terriers. So it is difficult to judge the characteristics of a beagle terrier dog as to whether it will be a territorial dog or a socializing dog. The best way to understand dog behavior is by adopting a puppy and spend some quality time with it before adoption. Agility training for dogs is a must for a healthy upbringing of the puppy. This dog breed makes a wonderful pet and yes, needless to say loyal and best friends too!