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Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix

Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix
The Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix is a unique dog; one-of-a-kind, really. It has a positivity about it that just rubs off on those around it. This DogAppy article provides some interesting facts about the Border-Aussie breed.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: May 8, 2018
So Versatile!
The Border-Aussie is quite popular for its ease in mastering obedience training, and also for its agility and tracking abilities. It makes for a good watchdog too.
Also known as the Australian Collie and the Border-Aussie, the Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix is a wonderful hybrid that takes many positive personality traits from both its parents, the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. It is basically a working or herding dog like its parents, and it needs a job to do at all times. It is excellent for herding sheep or cattle.
It needs to keep itself busy, but does tend to get bored doing the same tasks over and over again. So if you own this dog, then you will have to keep coming up with creative ideas to keep his/her mind happily occupied. Though thankfully a quiet breed, this dog makes up for it in the energy department; its desire to play is endless, and you may really never meet such an enthusiastic and vivacious canine anywhere else. The following paragraphs provide some information about the Border-Aussie dog.
Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd
Border Collie
Border Collie
Border-Aussie Puppies
Border-Aussie Puppies
Physical Traits
This dog looks more like the Border Collie than the Australian Shepherd. Although you will also find miniature Border-Aussies, the general size of this breed is between medium to large. It weighs between 30 to 75 pounds.

The coat is long, like the Collie's, but may be similar in texture to the Shepherd's. Coat colors range from red merle to blue merle, black, beige, or white, with tan markings. Other coat patterns are spotted, brindle, and speckled. This dog can take its coat colors from either or both of its parents.

This mix breed is prone to complete heterochromia, which means that both its eyes can be of different colors. Common eye colors are brown, blue, and green. Its striking eyes do speak volumes, and the dog will not hesitate to unleash their power on you, so be prepared.

Your dog will have quite a bit of feathering on its tail and legs. The coat must be brushed regularly to prevent it from matting.
Border-Aussie Pup with Merle Coat
Border-Aussie Pup with Merle Coat
Personality Traits
Border Collie
This dog is a sweetness-overload. It is all you may ask for in a companion dog (good companion ... hopeless guard). It is a quiet breed overall, not inclined to be very noisy, which is very good if you have neighbors living close by. It has an overall calm temperament. It is a happy and lively breed with a very positive outlook towards life. It will love you, love your kids, and love anyone else that it likes. However, remember that early socializing is essential to avoid future behavioral issues.

It is a family-oriented pet and needs to be around its own people. Being left alone for long periods of time can lead to separation anxiety. It is also one of those dogs that needs to be entertained, otherwise resulting in boredom, and then the unpleasant consequences of chewing the house down. Mental stimulation is very important for this mix breed; the Border Collie is the smartest dog breed after all. You didn't think its offspring would turn out any different, did you?
Border Collie At The Seaside
Stamina: Boundless
Energy: Endless
Playfulness: Runs in the blood
Long walks or jogs: Duh!
Taking rest: Yeah right!

This is an immensely active breed, what with both the parents being working dogs and all. If you are the kind to snuggle up on the couch with your dog and watch TV or read a book, then please get another breed, as this will be the most wrong choice of dog for you. If, on the other hand, you are an outdoorsy person with a love for nature, or a fitness freak with a strict jogging or running routine, or neither of the above but having a big yard and maybe some farm animals, then the Border-Aussie would be a good choice. The physical requirements of your dog must be met, or else you must be ready to face the deadly repercussions. What can be worse than a bored dog? A dog that loves to chew!
Border Collie Puppy Playing With Toy
Being a brainy breed, the Border-Aussie is fairly easy to train. It loves new challenges, and it loves to please its owners. However, remember that this dog is a total softie, and as with any other animal, it must be treated with gentleness. Impart firm but friendly training; shouting or scolding will not get you anywhere. Positive reinforcements like treats and praises work wonders. However, restrict the treats to the point where the dog follows the commands for you and not for the treats. If your dog begins to 'Sit' or 'Roll' without being told, then you will need to come up with other methods of training.

Also, remember to teach your dog that nipping at people's heels is wrong. Taking after its parents, it will try to herd everyone in the house into one place by nipping at the heels. Hence, clearly demarcate the boundaries, and let your dog know that this behavior is only acceptable while herding cattle.
Border Collie
The shaggy fur of this dog makes it very obvious that it needs regular grooming. The coat needs to be brushed at least 4 to 5 times a week, as this dog sheds quite a bit. The hair must be trimmed if required. The ears must be kept clean and dry, and checked regularly for infections. Since the hair inside the ears is dense, chances of an infection are present.
Living Conditions
Mother And Son Posing
Not really suited for an apartment life, the Border-Aussie needs space to move around. A big house and yard is more appropriate. However, if you fulfill its exercise and energy requirements, then there may not be any problems with keeping it in an apartment.
There are no major known health problems of this breed. Its average life expectancy is 12 to 15 years, with 13 being the average.
Isn't the Border-Aussie a wonderful dog? Quiet, playful, positive, friendly, people-loving, what more do you need? This dog is a sparkly ray of sunshine that can brighten up any day. If you wish to have this bundle of energy as your pet, then make sure that you can provide it with its basic needs of exercise and work. Then just wait and watch as the love unfolds.