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A List of the Most Popular Eskimo Husky Names and their Meanings

Most Popular Eskimo Husky Names and their Meanings
Eskimo Huskies are extremely beautiful companion dogs. In this article, DogAppy picks out some of the most popular names that go with their lovely personality, for you to choose from.
Prajakta Patil
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
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Oscar, Sparky, Blazer, Max, Lady, Bruno, Cassie, Eska, Daisy, Neo, Stella, Wolf.
The Eskimo Husky is a small- to medium-sized, Nordic-type dog, which is very well-known for its jet white coat. It is a member of the Spitz family, "Eskie", which is a descendant of the European Spites. Eskimo Huskies are known to be very friendly, alert, as well as intelligent. They are quick learners and become excellent watchdogs.

They are very easy to train due to their willingness to please their owner. The breed would often be seen as a part of various dog acts in the 19th century, in America.

Contrary to their name, these dogs are nowhere related to Eskimos. If you recently brought a puppy home, we know that picking out the perfect name is all you can think of. Well, worry not! Here are some of the best names along with their meaning, that you can choose from.

Abby Father's joy
Ada Noble, kind, prosperous, and joyful
Aiyana Eternal blossom
Akiak Brave
Akira Intelligent
Alaska Great land
Alice Kind and noble
Alpha First one; First letter of the Greek alphabet
Alpine Snow-covered, similar to a Husky's fur
Amaguq Wolf
Amani Desires
Anachim Lake
Aneko Older sister
Angel Messenger
Anna Grace
Annie Grace
Anouk French for the name "Anna"
Anu Grace
Anubis God of the dead
Apache A respected yet hated fierce warrior
Archer Bowman
Archie Valuable, bold
Arctic Cool, composed, and calm
Ari Lion
Aron Mountain
Asha Hope
Asia The east
Aspen Aspen tree
Astra Star
Ataneq King
Aurora Dawn
Avalanche A mass of snow
Babushka A term for endearment
Baby Baby
Bailey Bailiff
Balto Famous dog name from the movie "Balto"
Bandit An outlaw or robber
Baron A low-ranking nobleman
Bear The animal
Beau Handsome
Bella Beautiful, loving, graceful
Ben Son
Blade Wealthy Glory
Blaze Stuttering
Blazer Like a trail blazer
Blizzard Violent snowstorm
Blue Color
Bobby Bright fame
Boris Battle, fight
Brandy Burning wine
Brook A brook, stream
Bruno Armor
Buddy Herald
Buster One that breaks up something
Caesar Long hair
Cain A spear
Cari Free man
Casey From Cayce
Cassie Unheeded prophetess
Chaos Gaping void
Charlie Free man
Chava Life
Chena Name of a River
Cheveyo Hopi mythological monster
Cheyenne Speak incoherently
Chibukak Cape
Chinook A moist, warm wind experienced on the Pacific Northwest coast of the USA
Chitnak Cape
Chloe Means
Chugach Chugach Mountain
Chugiak Mountain in Alaska
Chyna Based on "China"
Cikuq Ice
Cleo Child of a well-known father
Cloud Cloud
Coco A common pet name
Cody Descendant of Cuidighthigh
Colville River
Comet A celestial body
Cookie A small flat, crisp cake
Copper A reddish-brown metal
Crimson A color (resembling color of blood)
Cupun Coal
Daisy A flower
Dakota Friends, allies
Delilah Desires
Delta Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet
Damien To tame
Demonte Of the mountain
Denali The great one
Desna Boss
Demon One of the Husky dog names from the movie "Snow Dogs"
Deniigi Moose
Diamond Precious gemstone
Dixie Strong power
Duke Duke
Dyani Deer
Echo Repetition of sound
Electra Shining
Eli Ascend
Emma All-containing
Eska A creek in Alaska
Eskimo People in Alaska
Eskobar The spoiled one
Ezra Aid
Frontier Brings everyone together
Frosty Covered with white frost
Felix Happy
Flash To move rapidly
Flora Flower
Gage Measurer
Ghost A haunting spirit or memory; One who moves noiselessly
Gideon Hewer
Ginger Spring-like
Gizmo A mechanical device or gadget
Glacier A huge mass of ice moving slowly
Goldie Having the color of gold
Grace Good will
Gracie Good will
Granite Tough
Gretta Pearl
Grizzly A species of brown bear
Gus From Gustave, Staff of the Goths
Gypsy Egyptian
Hachi Wise leaf
Hali Hay clearing or hay woods
Hawk A bird
Honey Honey
Hunter One who searches for something
Hurricane A severe tropical cyclone
Igloo Dome-shaped Eskimo house
Igor Warrior archer
Indiana Land of Indians
Ivan A Russian form of John
Jack Medieval diminutive of John
Jade Precious green stone
Jagger Pedlar
Jake Popular
Java Brewed coffee
Jenna White
Jesse Gift
Jester A fool at medieval courts
Jetson Also "Jet" or "Jett"
Jett Black gemstone
Jinx Magic charm
Jonathan A Siberian Husky that serves as the University of Connecticut's mascot, named after the state's first Governor
Juno Also "Juneau," the capital of Alaska
Kami Altar server
Kaskae Chief
Kasper Treasurer
Katie Pure
Kato Pure
Kavik Wolverine
Kaya Wise beyond their years
Kaydence Rhythm
Kayuh Mountain
Kazu Peaceful
Keanu Cool breeze over mountains
Keesha Healthy and spiritual
Keiko Blessed child
Keira Dark
Kenya The country
Kevin Beautiful at birth
Kimba English place-name
Kinguyakkii Northern lights
Kira Dark
Kishi Beach, seashore
Kiska Pure
Kita North
Kiya Egyptian mythology
Kodiak Island
Kody Descendant of Cuidighthigh
Kremlin Turkish for "fortress"; Tough and strong
Kukuliak Cape
Lady A lady
Laika First dog to orbit the earth
Leah Weary
Lexis Defender
Lily A flower
Logan Hollow
Lola Sorrows
Lonestar Superior skills with terrible luck
Lucky Fortunate
Lucy Light
Luigi Fame
Luka Man from Lucania
Luna Moon
Lupe Valley of the wolves
Maggie Pearl
Maguyuk Howler
Malakai Messenger of God
Maple A tree
Mara Bitter
Mariska Uncertain
Marlee Contraction of Maria Magdalene
Maverick Dissenter
Maya Divine creature force
Max One of the Husky dog names from the movie "Eight Below"
Mia Uncertain, may be bitter
Mickey One who is like God
Midnight In the middle of the night
Mika Beautiful smell
Miki Little
Mina Will, desire
Missy Bee
Misty Misty
Mitsu Bear
Molly Uncertain, may be bitter
Moose Largest member of the deer family
Murphy Sea warrior
Mya Variant of Maya
Nadia Hope
Nala Loved
Nanook Cute, kind
Natalie Born at Christmas time
Nanuk Polar bear
Navi To name
Neo New
Nero Stern
Nikita Unconquered, unconquerable
Nikki Victory of the people
Nilak Chipped ice
Nini Porcupine
Nomad A wanderer.
Nova A star that suddenly becomes very bright
Nuka Bay
Nuti Saltwater
Oakley From the oak meadow
Onyx A gemstone with bands of different colors
Oscar Divine spear
Pakak One that gets into everything
Pamela Honeysweet
Pamela Made from honey
Pamiiruq One that wags his tail
Pamplona Rock
Panik Daughter
Pasha Passover
Patrick Patrician
Pax Peace
Penny Weaver
Pepper Pepper
Phoebe Bright
Phoenix Phoenix
Pluto Wealth, riches
Porcupine River
Precious Loved
Prince Royal son
Pukiq Smart
Pukulria Bone-chewer
Punuk Island
Qannik Snowflake
Qimmig Dog
Qimugkauyar Puppy
Qimugta Dog
Qimutki Puller
Quake Hyper
Raven Raven
Reba To tie
Rebel One that resists authority
Ren Water lily
Riley Rye clearing
Ringo Peace be with you
River Free-spirited
Rocky Battle cry
Rose Rose
Rosie Rose
Roxy Brilliant dawn
Ruby Red
Rudy From "Rudolph"
Rufus Red
Rusty Rusty, full of rust
Scooter One who vanishes suddenly and speedily
Serena Tranquil or serene
Saba Old or aged
Sable Sable (black)
Sadie Princess
Sakari Sweet, lovely
Sakura Cherry blossom
Sam God
Sammy God
Sampson Loved and adored by everyone
Samson Sun
Sandy Defending men
Saghani Raven
Sapphire Beautiful jewel
Sasha Helpmate
Sassy Lively and spirited
Scout Observer
Serena Composed
Sesi Snow
Shadow Shadow
Shasta Name of a Native American tribe
Sheba Daughter of an oath
Shelby A place where willows grow
Shiva Auspicious
Sid Wide meadow
Sierra A range of mountains
Silver A lustrous white metallic element used in jewelry, tableware and coins
Simba Lion
Sky The expanse of air over the Earth
Skye Cloud
Slade Valley
Sloan Fighter
Smokey A color
Snowy Covered with snow
Sonya Bright and intelligent
Sophie Wisdom
Sparky Animated, lively
Spirit Part of the human being associated with the mind; vigorous or animated state (spirited)
Star Star
Stella Star
Storm Uncontrollable
Stormy Violent weather
Sugar A sweet powder from sugarcane; slang for sweetheart
Suka Fast
Suki To like
Tahoe Denali also comes to mind
Talon A claw
Tanana Hills
Tank A large metal container; a heavily armed combat vehicle
Tara Crag
Tasha (Christ's) birthday
Teddy Gift of God
Tegan Beautiful
Teo Gift of God
Terra Earth
Teva Nature
Tia Princess or Crowned One
Tiger Tiger
Timber Wood used as a building material; timber-wolf
Titan Powerful big man
Titus Of the Giants
Toby God is good
Todd Fox
Togo Famous Alaskan sled dog
Tucker Someone who folds cloth
Tundra Very popular among Husky dog names
Tupit Tattoo lines on face
Tylor Tile maker
Ulf Protector of the inheritance
Ulva Wolf
Vicki Short for Victoria, which means victorious or conqueror
Videl Life
Walter Ruler of the army
Weather Unpredictable, just like forecasts on incoming weather
Whisper Something spoken very softly
Wiley Trapper or hunter
Willow A deciduous tree with narrow leaves
Winston Joy stone
Winter Perfect name for a dog with snow-white fur
Wolf Wolf
Yakone Red aurora
Yaktag Cape
Yana God is gracious
Yoshi Righteous
Yukon River
Yuralria Dancing
Zala Very feminine name for a dog
Zaria Sweet, shy, and behaved; enjoys just quietly lying around
Zodiac In astronomy, the path that represents the planets, Moon and Sun
Zain Variant of John
Zelda Gray warrior
Zephyr West wind
Zeus Greek God
Zia Splendor, light
Zoe Life
Zoey Life
Zorro Fox in Spanish
Zuri My rock
You can also name the dog after someone you adore, or someone who has inspired you. Make sure that you choose a name that will best suit your dog's personality. So, go ahead and pick the best one.
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