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A Yorkie Teeth Care Manual to Keep Their Dental Problems at Bay

Yorkie Teeth Care
Yorkshire terriers are extremely vulnerable to dental problems and need a lot of attention and care, in order to keep decay, tooth fall, and infections, at bay. Learn about Yorkie teeth care, so that you can look after your pet's oral health and hygiene...
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Yorkshire terriers are lovingly called Yorkies, because they are so cute and tiny! However, this breed needs a lot of care and attention, because of its rather frail health, and weak build. These adorable dogs suffer from dental problems which require that their owners look after the pet's teeth throughout its lifetime.
This is too much of a task and a very demanding one at that. For those who adore this breed and are willing to walk the extra mile, this task will soon become a part of the usual pet grooming routine and will not seem so difficult after a point. Find out how to go about Yorkie teeth care and the danger signs to look out for.
Tips to Take Care of Yorkie Teeth
Use Dog Toothpaste
Yorkshire terriers using toothpaste
Never use toothpaste meant for humans on dogs, as the ingredients are not suited for canines, and will be useless. Make sure you use a toothpaste meant specifically for dogs, which you will find in any pet store.
Puppy Teeth Cleansing
Yorkshire terriers Teeth Cleansing
The process of cleaning your Yorkie's teeth will need to begin, the moment the puppy has enough milk teeth. An early start is required in order to get your dog habituated to the act of you brushing its teeth. Starting at a later age will make the task even tougher, as the dog will find it hard to cooperate with your sudden and strange behavior.
By the fourth month, your puppy will have all its permanent 48 teeth. However, check for double teething or clustering, as these can be devastating and very difficult to manage
Finger Brushing
Buy the canine finger toothbrush, which requires that you slip it on your finger, and use your finger to rub the brush for cleaning the dog's teeth. You can order for these from online pet stores, so that you always have a few stocked at home. All you need to do, is to gently brush the inner and the outer teeth in soft circular motion.
Be very gentle while brushing the dog's teeth as it has weak gums which may get injured. It is normal for puppies to suffer slight bleeding, because of the teething. However, bleeding gums is uncommon in adult Yorkshire terriers. Bleeding of the gums, could mean that a severe gum infection has set in and must be treated immediately.
Check for Plaque
Plaque in canines will look brown in color and will usually collect near the tip of the tooth, at the point where the gum begins. If in case this dirt is not reducing through brushing, you must wait and check if the plaque increases. If it increases, you will need to get it cleansed by the vet.
Getting plaque removed by a vet, is an expensive procedure and requires that the dog be given anesthesia. Yorkshire terriers, do not perform well under anesthesia and may suffer from minor health complications soon after the procedure is complete.
Tongue Cleaning
Yorkshire terriers - Tongue Cleaning
While the teeth are important, the tongue is always in contact with the teeth and gum, which is why it must be cleansed too. You may use the finger brush to gently scrub the pet's tongue.
Common Yorkie Teeth Problems
Teeth Decay
Yorkies are prone to plaque formation and teeth decay. The entire breed is susceptible to this condition, which is why the mouth of this dog breed stinks so excessively!
Gum Diseases
Angry Yorkshire terrier
The breed is also prone to gum diseases, which causes the gums to turn gray and thereafter form black patches. This gum infection causes a lot of pain, thereby making the dog irritated and angry. Receding gums is another oral disease that is common among these dogs.
Double Teeth Syndrome
For some peculiar reason, this breed has a unique teething tendency, which causes more than one tooth to appear at the same place. This is a rampant Yorkie health problem, which pet owners have to be vigilant about, in order to prevent clustering of the teeth. The extra tooth must be extracted, which poses the problem of another tooth returning at the same spot.
There have been instances, wherein a total of 4 teeth have been found in one single spot. This congregation of teeth can cause severe pain, swelling, and infection.
Premature Teeth Loss
Yorkshire terrier Teeth
Yorkshire terriers are also prone to premature teeth loss and will begin to lose their teeth by the age of 3-5 and sometimes a bit later, which is far earlier than other dog breeds. The teeth loss has a lot to do with the chronic gum problems, that these dogs suffer from.
Yorkie dental care ritual must be practiced every 4 days, so as to keep your pet's teeth protected. Plaque formation and teeth decay can lead to other health problems, such as difficulty in chewing food because of loose teeth, inability to digest food properly, throat and stomach infections, and the danger of swallowing a broken tooth and choking on it.