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What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Dog

Here are the things you should consider before buying a furry friend!
Mikkie Mills Oct 3, 2019

Am I Ready to Buy a Dog?

So you are interested in buying a dog? That is awesome! Dogs make wonderful companions and are great to have around. They say, owning a pet will even improve your health.
If you decided on buying a dog there are so many things you need to decide on before choosing your new dog.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog

1. Cost

Do you know how much a dog will cost you per year? The ASPC says a small dog can cost you just over $400 and larger dogs can range closer to $800 a year. This does not include the cost of any issues or an emergency vet visit.

2. Commitment

Dogs typically live 8-14 years, are you willing to commit to your dog for his entire life? This means that even when your life changes, will he still be a priority in your life? If you can’t commit to a pet that long, you may want to consider fostering a dog instead of buying one.
With fostering, the dog will live with you for a short, temporary time while a forever home is found for him.

3. Time

Do you have the time available to spend with your dog? Depending on the size and energy level of dog you buy, you may need to exercise them daily and for longer periods. They are also social creatures so they need to spend time with you in order to be happy.

4. Space

Do you have the space for a dog? Smaller dogs typically don’t need a lot of space, but larger dogs will likely need a backyard they can play in.

5. Your Home

If you live with other people, is everyone on board for having a dog? Is your home safe for a dog? If you rent, does your landlord allow dogs?
Once you’ve decided to get a dog there are several things you need to consider. Check out this list to help you narrow down your choices so you can find the perfect new furry friend.

1. Size

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Consider what size dog will fit into your lifestyle and your home. Smaller dogs will require less space and don’t typically need a yard, just a small outside space will do. Larger dogs will need more space to roam around and will need more outdoor space.

2. Breed

While breed isn’t everything, some breeds are better suited for certain people and living situations. For instance, a miniature Schnauzer is more suited for someone who isn’t overly active. On the other hand, an Irish setter is more active and is better suited for someone who can keep up with him.

3. Age

Are you looking for a puppy or an older dog? Both have great pros and some cons. The pros with puppies will live longer, they may be more active, and you get to watch them grow up. Cons for puppies would be all the time you need to invest in training. That can be a trying time for both you and your puppy.
Older dogs come with a lot of pros including most will have some training, they typically are not as active and don’t get into as much trouble. Cons for an older dog is lifespan and being less active may be an issue if you are an active person.
Now that you have done some thinking and gathered information on owning a pet, if you are ready, it’s time to start your search. Your new friend is out there, waiting for you!