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Find Your Perfect Dog Breed Quiz

Find Your Perfect Dog Breed Quiz

If you are planning to get a dog but are confused among the breeds, then this DogAppy article comes to your aid. Take the quiz in order to know what kind of dog breed is perfect for you.
Ratnashri Dutta
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018
Most animal lovers in the US are aware that the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed, closely followed by the German Shepherd and the Yorkie.
Dogs are known to be the best healers of problems and also true companions. Although they cannot actually solve your problems, the unconditional love that they show is sure to make any person smile. The best part is that they do no expect much in return, just some love and care. They are totally dependent on you and trust you blindly. Hence, it's your duty to follow all means to keep them happy.

Getting a dog as a pet entails many things. There is the question of space, which depends on the size, as big dogs tend to need larger spaces than smaller dogs. Then there is the climate issue. Some breeds are suitable only for cold climates, while some are only for warmer climates. For example, you cannot keep a Saint Bernard or Husky in a place with a tropical climate without making some provision for air conditioning. There are also other considerations such as whether you would or would not mind a very active dog, the shedding and drooling that accompany it, the purpose for which you wish to get it―just companionship or guarding, and many such issues. These things need to be thought of no matter what because they are very important for your happiness as well as the happiness of your pet. It would serve no purpose if you and your dog are unable to adjust to each other, in which case, you may have to give it away, causing both of you some agony. The quiz given below will, thus, help you choose a breed that is more suited to your requirements than some other breeds. However, remember that even after you get your answer, do a thorough research about the breed that you plan to buy to know about its personality traits completely.
Quiz to Find the Right Dog
1. What kind of house do you have?
  • A. House with a yard
  • B. Apartment
(The dogs that are suitable for apartments also do well in houses with yards, but not vice versa.)

2. What size of dog do you want?
  • A. Big/Medium
  • B. Small
3. What shedding frequency are you okay with?
  • A. Average/Low
  • B. High
4. How often can you groom your dog?
  • A. Occasional
  • B. Regular
5. What should be the energy level of your dog?
  • A. High
  • B. Low/Moderate
6. For what purpose do you want the dog?
  • A. Guarding
  • B. Company
7. Do you have children?
  • A. Young
  • B. No Children/Older
8. How much are you willing to spend on purchasing a dog?
  • A. Not much
  • B. A little higher is okay
9. What coat size are you looking for?
  • A. Short
  • B. Long/Medium

Breeds that Suit your Requirements: