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What to Look for When Buying a Yorkie

What to Look for When Buying a Yorkie

Are you planning on getting a Yorkie home? Then perhaps you should read the article on what to look for when buying a Yorkie before you go ahead...
Sheetal Mandora
When you finally make the plan of buying your very first dog/puppy, it's an unbelievable feeling. You're excited, scared perhaps because you don't know if you'll be a good owner or not, and a little confused as to how can go about it. But, one look into their eyes and your heart will melt beyond belief. I remember the day when my uncle brought home our first dog. He was a cute, little, around 2 months old, white Spitz and the second he walked inside the door, my cousin and I were all over him. It's been 6 years now and we love him the same way we did when we saw him first; perhaps a lot more now.

While buying a dog, you should have certain knowledge about the breed. It helps you not only when you are selecting a breed for yourself, but also when you bring him/her home. In order to be a good owner, you should be aware of the breed's requirements, behavioral pattern, temperament, ability to adjust in different environment, friendliness with others, etc. All these factors can affect your decision to buy a puppy or breed. Same can be said while buying a Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie.

Things to Consider While Buying a Yorkie Puppy

For families with children and singles, the Yorkshire Terrier are one of the most popular choices. The breed is smaller in size than others, have a very playful and friendly behavior, and are very, very adorable. Apart from being house pets, Yorkies are used as show dogs as well. Hence, they can be a bit expensive when you do purchase one. Apart from the expense, following are some more instructions on what to look for when buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.
  • Instead of heading to a pet shop, search for a reputed breeder. You can search for one at the American Kennel Club website. This way, you can be sure that the dog you choose is healthy and well-handled.
  • Contact a local breeder(s) and decide to visit when possible. Also, this is the best time to ask questions about when the litters were delivered, are they yet to be expected, what precautions and steps are they using to care for them.
  • Now one of the most important things to decide is whether you want a female or male Yorkshire Terrier. Taking care of a female dog is slightly different from a male dog.
  • While visiting the breeder, do not rush into the process and purchase a puppy in a hurry. Take as much time as you can and make the decision responsibly. You are going to be responsible for another life, so be absolutely sure that you want a dog.
  • You need to be on the lookout for how is the breeder's location. Is the kennel dirty or untidy? If the answer is yes, DO NOT buy a puppy from there.
  • Check where the puppies are being kept. They need to be indoors and not roaming freely outdoors all the time. By keeping puppies inside, they learn how to socialize with one another; and that's a good quality to have.
  • When you find a kennel you're satisfied with, ask the breeder to take you to the mom who delivered the puppies. Here, you need to see how her behavior is to you. If she is friendly (she might be protective because you are a stranger and she just delivered her pups), you can go ahead with the purchase. However, if she's growling at you and showing her teeth, making you feel threatened, leave the kennel.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is the age of the puppies. Are they younger or older than 12 weeks? Purchase a puppy which is older than 10 to 12 weeks old. Till they are 12 weeks old, the puppies should stay with their mom.
  • Now, if you do find a breeder who's not taking proper care of the puppies and other dogs, don't buy a puppy from him/her. You won't be saving a puppy, but instead feeding fuel to that breeder. He/she will get the money from you and breed more puppies. Report the breeder instead.
  • Ask questions pertaining to Yorkshire Terrier breed and see if he/she can answer those questions properly or not. If the breeder doesn't have the knowledge of the breed, then he/she isn't capable of breeding healthy, good temperamental dogs.
  • When you finally select a puppy to buy, check him/her properly for any blisters, ticks, clean ears, bad odor, runny nose, and the coat. After you are satisfied with the puppy, then and then only buy it.
These tips are very important while buying a Yorkshire Terrier. The joy of bringing home a puppy is difficult to explain in words. All I can say is that your life will change forever... that too for the better.