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We'll Tell You What to Look for When Buying a Bulldog Puppy

What to Look for When Buying a Bulldog Puppy
Bulldogs―French or English―are very adorable and cute. Points that can help you when you are choosing your bulldog puppy are given here.
Malvika Kulur
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Quick Tip!
There are two main types of bulldogs to choose from: the French bulldog and English bulldog. So, first choose which variant you want, and then go ahead with buying your puppy.
Buying a puppy is not as easy as you think. There are many factors that you need to take into consideration before you zero in on your choice. When you buy a bulldog, there are a few things that you have to take into consideration apart from knowing about the breed, while having a look at it. Here's what to look for when buying a bulldog puppy.
The first thing on your agenda is to find a well-reputed breeder. Ask your friends, veterinary practitioner of your locality, look for good breeders online, and also check with pet grooming centers. Do not lock down on one breeder; always have an open choice. Instead of having the breeder come to your house with the puppy, go over to his place, and check out his facilities. See if the puppies are kept clean, if the parents are kept together, whether the pups are kept indoors all the time, whether they are allowed to be out and playing, does the breeder have cats and children interacting with the puppies, are the puppies eating well, and are they free from ticks and fleas. The breeder should come across as open and honest. He should be comfortable about letting you inspect his kennel, and should be professional in his behavior with you.
Inspect the Puppy
english bulldog puppy
English Bulldog Puppy
Once you are done with checking out the breeder and are happy with the way things are at his place, you need to inspect the puppy. Always choose the healthiest, happiest, and friendliest puppy of the lot. To do that, you need to have patience. Enter the enclosure where the puppies are kept, and wait till the puppies come to you. Choose the puppy that you have an instant connection with. Always choose the one that is easygoing and good-natured. Do not choose English bulldog puppies that are black, blue, lilac, or chocolate color, as they may grow up to have lots of health problems. The physical aspects that should be looked into are:

►► The puppy should not rattle, or walk sloppily.

►► Its ears and eyes should be clean and clear. It should not squint while looking at you.

►► The nostrils should be wide, and not too pinched.

►► The nose should not be too upturned.

►► While breathing, the puppy should not rasp or wheeze.

►► The tails should be straight and moving easily. The movement should not look restricted, and the tail should not be down.

►► Always see the pup after 5-6 weeks so that you can check its movements, never before that.
Temperament Test
The next step after inspecting the puppy is that you need to conduct a temperament test. Look for signs of aggression, rebellion, docility, or absolute fear. To do this, you need to see if the puppy will follow you, respond to you, check his behavior when he is being restrained for 30 seconds, how he takes to being carried, etc. If his personality shines through all the tests, without him covering, whimpering, crying, or urinating due to fear, then you know that you have found your right puppy.
Meet the Parents
Meet the parents of the puppy you have chosen. See if they are friendly, healthy, check their temperament, and also check if they get along well with each other. It is of utmost importance that the parents of the puppy chosen are in the best of health.
Medical Records and Certification
french bulldog puppy
French Bulldog Puppy
The medical records of the parents and puppies should be up-to-date at the time of buying the puppy. Check for any ailments, like brachycephalic syndrome, dystocia, vaginal hyperplasia, facial fold dermatitis, interdigital dermatitis, cryptorchidism, etc. Bulldogs are a breed that requires a lot of maintenance, as they have a tendency to have a few health issues. To avoid many trips to the vet, the best thing you can do is choose a puppy whose parents have the least amount of health issues. Make sure that the puppy has been vaccinated, and the breeder provides you with certificates. Due to the difficulty in breeding this dog, most breeders give a two-year guarantee for this dog, and are also at your beck and call regarding any health issue that may arise within the first 72 hours of taking the puppy home. So, check if your breeder offers you the same.

Your puppy and its parents should be certified by the kennel club in your country. Without the ready papers, registration, health certificates, and endorsements, do not buy your puppy. Most dogs come with a microchip, so make sure that yours has one too.
Bulldog puppies are expensive; therefore, never buy them online, or from a pet shop. Always go to a registered breeder, and make your purchase. Never be hasty, and never buy the runt of the litter. Look at many puppies and choose your favorite, which should be healthy and happy. Once you buy your puppy, make sure that you have a vet examine it too.
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