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What Causes Vertigo in Dogs?

What Causes Vertigo in Dogs?

There are many different reasons behind dogs getting affected by vertigo. Important facts about what causes vertigo in dogs are presented through this article.
Shashank Nakate
The cause of vertigo in dogs is idiopathic i.e. it is not clearly known. Intense form of vertigo or dizziness in elderly canines is known as old dog vestibular disease. The presence of this disease in dogs is marked by the following symptoms: head tilt, inability to stand properly, circling, etc. The dog is likely to stumble while walking. The rhythmic flicking movement of eyes is also one of the vertigo symptoms in dogs. Vertigo in dogs can also result in vomiting and nausea. In severe cases, dogs tend to lose their balance and fall. The brief and intermittent symptoms that result from mild vertigo often go unnoticed. The facts about what causes vertigo in dogs, symptoms and treatment measures presented in this article should help in understanding more about this medical condition.

Vertigo in Dogs: Causes

The vertigo causes in dogs, as stated earlier, are idiopathic. There are however, some causes that can be associated with vertigo. It is necessary to understand that occurrence of vertigo is a part of a larger and complex problem. Liver problems and indigestion can be the probable reasons behind vertigo in dogs. Malnutrition and even overeating can sometimes cause vertigo. Pollutants and other hazardous chemicals that are present in the environment are other causes associated with vertigo in dogs. Neurological problems like tumors are also amongst the causes of vertigo. Let us understand more about the causes of vertigo in dogs, in detail.

Ear Infection
The inner ear infection is greatly responsible for the problem of vertigo. The signs of ear infections like shaking of head, whining, irritation due to ear discharge, etc. can be observed. Prevention and treatment of ear infection is possible with antibiotics. Also, providing the dog with homemade and especially organic food is helpful in preventing the possibility of ear infection.

Vestibular Disease
Vestibular disease is one of the reasons for observance of vertigo in dogs. In this disease, the nerve that is connected to the inner part of ear gets affected. The loss of sense of balance is the main sign or symptom of this condition. This disease is therefore, an important cause of vertigo. Vestibular disease is closely related to the problem of ear infection in a sense that the infection causes damage to the nerves of inner ear; this in turn results in vertigo. Generally the dog recovers from vestibular disease within 72 hours. If the dog doesn't recover quickly, there are chances of it being affected by tumors. Tumors that invade areas surrounding the ears and brain are more likely to cause vertigo. Consulting a veterinary doctor in such cases is advisable.

Other Causes
The health problems in dogs other than those mentioned above also cause vertigo; low blood sugar is one of these causes. Medical help is necessary to overcome this problem. A special diet or supplements can help your dog to recover fast. Besides, bites/stings of bugs may also result in dizziness. Some dogs are allergic to stings or bites, which can result in dizziness. Heart diseases may also result in the problem of vertigo. Dogs that are affected with cancerous growths could also suffer from vertigo.

Vertigo in Dogs: Remedies

Observing the behavior of dogs closely is important from the point of proper treatment. Any kind of unusual behavior observed in the behavior of dogs need to be reported to the veterinary doctor; information about changes in eating habits of the dog should also be communicated to the vet. Symptoms of vertigo that are observed in dogs make it appear a serious medical condition. However, the problem of vertigo is treatable and can be cured completely.

Vertigo in Dogs: Prevention

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Keeping your dog healthy is important from the point of preventing the occurrence of vertigo. The overall health of your dog needs to be maintained. Providing the dog with a balanced diet is very important. It is also important that the dog gets enough exercise on a regular basis. Keeping the dog clean and maintaining a hygienic environment is necessary to prevent medical problems associated with vertigo.

There are many different reasons behind dogs suffering from dizziness or vertigo. It is therefore, difficult to determine a specific cause. The information that is given in this article should provide some sort of direction in determining the specific cause.