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Information About the Welsh Corgi-Labrador Retriever Mix (Corgidor)

Information About the Welsh Corgi-Labrador Retriever Mix (Corgidor)
The Corgidor is a mix between two very sweet dogs, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Labrador Retriever. DogAppy provides some more interesting facts about this delightful hybrid.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Quick Facts
Intelligence -★★★★
Playfulness -★★★★
Exercise -★★★
Family-oriented -★★★★
Grooming -★★
Group - Herding, Sporting
Talents - Herding, Racing, Watchdog, Sighting
Designer dogs galore! This trend has caught up a lot lately; crossing two pure breeds of similar natures to come up with something that is genetically healthier, and possibly cuter, has got everyone interested. Among these designer doggies is a rather affable one that comes from two equally adorable parents. It is the Corgidor, or the Cardigan Welsh Corgi-Labrador Retriever mix. This is a very cute, very sweet, and extremely lovable pooch that can be called the perfect choice for a family pet. It is loyal to the core, loves to play, is easy-going, and sweet-natured. Read on for some more information about this wonderful little canine.
Being a mix breed, the Corgidor can pick up any traits from any of its parents. It typically has the looks of a Labrador, and the legs of a Corgi! A full-grown Corgidor is slightly taller than the Corgi (which is 10 to 13 inches in height), and weighs between 40 and 55 pounds. It cannot be called a small dog; it is medium-sized. The best aspect of this dog is that it has a soft mouth, making it safe to have around kids.

The ears of a Corgidor are slightly smaller than those of a Lab. It has a long snout, long tail, and short legs. The coat of this mix is usually short, dense, and resistant to water. The coat colors come in a wide range of shades, like black, fawn, brown, brown and white, fawn and white, and golden and brown. It all depends on which parent your puppy takes after.
Mom and Dad
Black Labrador Retriever
This pooch is typically loving, social, loyal, alert, and friendly. With a mix, nothing can be said for sure; your dog's personality traits can vary from another Corgidor's. So read up on the characteristics of both the parents of a mix and check out some pictures before getting the dog home.

A Corgidor is extremely loyal to the family, and an alert dog. It is known to bark at anything suspicious, thereby making a good watchdog. True to the Lab nature, it is also friendly, and generally loves people. This is a family-oriented canine that must not be left alone for long hours, as it may experience separation anxiety. It is good around children, loves to play, and has a very sweet and positive disposition.

However, as with every dog, socializing a Corgidor at the right age is important. Puppies learn faster, are more open to new experiences, and are basically easier to handle. So socialize your Lab-Corgi mix from an early age, so that he/she is comfortable around people and animals. It will also help you understand his/her nature better.
This mix may display an independent streak, courtesy the Corgi. This can make training a little challenging; as compared to the overly happy-go-lucky Lab, training a Corgi can take time. So if your Corgidor is proving a little difficult to train, then you need a little patience, a lot of consistency, firm handling, positive reinforcement, and a gentle tone. Do not yell, it will make no difference except scaring your dog and creating a negative association with training in his/her mind.
The Corgidor is a moderately active pooch. However, there may be a few boisterous individuals who may need more exercise. Some Corgidors love swimming like their Lab parents; some even inherit the webbed feet. In general, a daily walk or two is essential; some running around or playing fetch in the yard will also help your dog burn off some energy.
The Corgidor tends to shed quite a bit, but it does not require regular grooming. Running a brush through the coat a few times a week to remove the dead hair is sufficient. Bathing can also be done on an as-required basis.
Health and Living Conditions
There are no known major health issues with this breed as of now. It has a lifespan of 10 to 13 years, with 11 being the average. When it comes to living conditions, the Corgidor is not very fussy. It can do quite well in an apartment, as long as its daily exercise needs are met. If you have a house with a yard, then nothing like it; but this is not a pooch that requires a lot of place to move around and can function quite well in small spaces.
This was all the information about the Corgidor. Again, as this is a mix, be prepared about everything before getting one home. Check out pictures online, visit dog forums, and read up as much as you can find; there is no harm in being ready.
Labrador Retriever On The Beach
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