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Interesting Information About the Weimaraner Breed

Tulika Nair Nov 20, 2018
Are you a dog lover and do you find information about different dog breeds fascinating? If yes, then the information given in this post should be something that you find interesting.
An aristocratic looking dog, which is often known by the moniker, Grey Ghost, Weimaraner dogs are extremely popular dogs, which were bred originally in the late eighteenth century as hunter dogs to accompany the royal household of Germany.
Today the appearance of this dog is quite different from the original breed because of further breeding in the nineteenth century. The name of this dog breed is derived from the name of the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, who ruled over the city of Weimar.
Originally Weimaraners were used to hunt game like rabbits and fowls. But today, their job description has largely changed to being guard dogs or gun dogs.
Weimaraners are extremely popular because not only are these dogs extremely friendly, but are also protective of their owners. If you have been contemplating bringing home a Weimaraner, then the information given here should be of interest to you.

Weimaraner Dog Breed: An Overview

If you trace the history of Weimaraner dog breed, you will learn that for a long period of time, the Germans were not open to the idea of allowing other countries access to these dogs. In fact, when the first dogs were sent to America, they were sterilized to prevent any kind of breeding.
It was only in the late nineteenth century that these dogs became common in Europe and United States. If you are a sportsman, then this dog would be a great addition to your household. Now, let us take a look at the key characteristics of this dog breed.


One of the first things that strikes you, when you lay your eyes on a Weimaraner is the fact that these dogs look extremely aristocratic. This look can be attributed to the shiny steel gray colored coat of the dogs and their peculiar eye color, which is blue or gray.
Another thing that adds to this elegant, royal appearance is the height of these dogs. These dogs are often large and athletic and therefore, need owners who are willing to play around with them. Most dogs of this breed have a line down their forehead that ends at their nose which is generally gray in color.
Till recently, most dogs of this breed had docked tails but this is a practice that has been considered illegal in many countries. A full-grown male dog of this breed is generally about 25 - 27 inches while a fully grown female Weimaraner should be about 23 - 25 inches.
These dogs generally weigh somewhere between 23 to 32 kilos. The ears of these dogs are set high and folded forwards. They have straight front legs and longer hind legs with webbed feet.

Personality and Temperament

It is a well-known fact that the temperament of Weimaraners is such that they are easy to train. They are energetic and athletic dogs that have a very well-developed sense of smell, which is what makes them excellent guard dogs.
These dogs are extremely curious by nature and tend to get distracted very easily. They are loving and protective of their owners and are also extremely obedient. They follow commands easily which makes training a Weimaraner very easy.
These dogs are agitated, they can be quite aggressive and prone to barking incessantly. One reason many owners opt to bring Weimaraners home is because they are extremely good with children.


Proper grooming is essential for a Weimaraner. It is important to brush their coat at least twice a week. If you take the dog for walks in a grassy area, then it is important to look for ticks everyday. It is also important that you give your dog a lot of exercise. Take him for brisk walks, as it is essential for his mental and physical health.


For Weimaraners, it is important to give them foods that are high in animal fats. Therefore, include lambs and poultry in their diet. Other essential items in the diet are potatoes and grains. Avoid fish, beet, white rice and soy. Consult your vet and provide your dog with vitamins and minerals in proper quantities.
Weimaraners are brilliant pets to have and hopefully, the information given in this write-up has helped you understand what to expect if you bring this dog home.