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Types of Beagles

Types of Beagles
Beautiful, expressive eyes, with a very innocent expression; beagles are amongst the most adorable dogs one can have as pets. Here are some important details associated with this breed.
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Their large expressive eyes can make your heart melt. Their lively energetic behavior makes them an ideal pet to have around the house. Beagles are a particular breed of dogs that are not only adorable to look at, but wonderful friends to have. These very friendly dogs are social animals, and are therefore not considered as guard dogs. However, in the olden days, this breed was particularly developed for hunting, to be more specific―rabbit hunting. Their gentle nature makes them very popular as pets.
In the olden days, beagles were of a smaller size and were known as glove beagles. It was very popular with the Royal families. Yet another one that was quite popular during the time of Queen Elizabeth was the pocket beagle. However, this variety is not recognized as beagles in recent times. They are a result of poor breeding methods.
The American Kennel Club, well-known as the place where you can register purebred dogs, identifies only two varieties. This includes the 13-inch and the 15-inch at the shoulder for hounds. The Canadian Kennel Club also follows the same rules for beagles. This club is also a registry for purebred dog pedigrees in Canada.
Think about beagles, and their droopy eyes with floppy ears would come to mind. They have a length on an average between 13 to 16 inches. Their legs are shorter as compared to the proportion of their body. The overall build of the body is athletic. They have a sleek coat with short hair. They can be seen in a variety of colors.
Beagles are known as dogs with a delightful and playful attitude. They cannot be considered to be a good guard, although they may take their time to mingle with strangers. These intelligent dogs are alert in their nature, but are not exactly obedient. This dog can adapt easily to different situations, and is also a great companion for children. Their lively energy without any signs of aggression can make it a very energetic pet to have around the house. They are rather excitable dogs, but sometimes difficult to train. You would need to give it ample training to turn it into an obedient dog.
Grooming would require you to brush their coat daily. This would help remove the presence of dead hair. Ensure you wipe their body with a damp cloth. Beagles generally don't require any form of elaborate grooming. If the dog spends a lot of time outdoors, then a bath would be a must. You must always clean their ears, as they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt. This would keep the dogs' ears free from any infection.
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