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Training Golden Retriever Puppies

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Nov 5, 2018
If you are keen on getting home a golden retriever puppy, here's some information about the training aspect that will be of immense help to you.
Bringing home a cuddly golden retriever puppy is one of the happiest moments for every pet lover. Nevertheless, along with your new companion come some responsibilities.
As the owner, it is important that you understand the basic requirements and behavioral traits of this breed. As for training the pup, just proceed with positive methods and it will be a rewarding experience for both, you and your puppy.

How to Train a Golden Retriever Puppy?

Puppies of any dog breed require some sort of training to ensure that they grow up as obedient pets; golden retriever pup is no exception. It requires a lot of attention from your side.
You need to initiate its training with two objectives: (i) make him comfortable to the surroundings and (ii) teach him basic rules. But obviously, you will have to spend a significant amount of time with your puppy during the training process.

Obedient Training

The basic requirement to build an understanding relationship with your pet is good communication and consistent training plan. Use his name repeatedly to teach him commands, like 'stay', 'sit', and 'come'.
After your golden retriever learns these commands, start with 'heel' and 'no' commands. Behave lovingly and make yourself approachable. Be patient with your puppy and give him time to learn.

Follow a Reward System

All dog trainers follow reward systems in the form of praises and affectionate words. Providing him treats and toys is a good idea when done in moderation; not always. Never give it harsh punishments, as that is more likely to make it wild and disobedient.
What you can do is, appreciate good things and reward him, and correct bad habits by resorting to commands and neglecting him. That way, your retriever pup will slowly understand what you want from him.

Crate Training

The crate is useful to impart desirable dog behavior and at the same time, protect furniture, carpets, and other household items from getting chewed. For crate training the puppy, set up a comfortable crate and position it in a cozy place.
Place his favorite stuffed toys and some treats inside it. Do not use it for punishment, rather keep your pet in crate when you are busy with something. Use lock system only when your pet starts enjoying his enclosure.

Potty Training

Precisely speaking, house training is a part of crate training. Start with potty training tips in the early stages (6 - 8 weeks). By nature, dogs are clean pets and prefer to defecate in isolated places, far from their sleeping or eating area.
Considering this, you can prepare a place with newspapers or puppy pads for the purpose of housebreaking. After his meal, you can take him to the potty area and encourage him to defecate by using the command 'potty'.

Good Feeding Habits

You will also have to train your puppy to eat in a proper manner. For this, you will need to feed him frequently at regular intervals. Keeping your pet starved for a prolonged duration will cause annoying situations.
Do not make him rush to the food bowl and fall face first in the dish. Instead, allow him to wait for the food. You will really enjoy spending time with your puppy and watching him eat properly.
You won't have to spend much time in training your golden retriever puppy to respect your commands, as the breed is known to be a quick learner. After training for crate, housebreaking, and feeding, you can move on to leash training.
Nevertheless, if you are a novice pet owner, a good dog trainer will be able to help you out. By training him properly, you can be assured of a highly intelligent, affectionate, and loyal pet dog.