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Training German Shepherds

Perfect Tips for Training the Smart and Strong German Shepherds

Training a German Shepherd is quite a daunting task, but it is certainly beneficial in the long run. This article provides some tips for training this dog breed in the proper manner.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
German Shepherds are among the most loving and loyal dog breeds. They are very adaptable and versatile. They are also endowed with great physical power and intelligence, and are often preferred as watch dogs. Be it farms, gardens, bungalows, or apartments; German Shepherds guard the vicinity with loyalty and devotion, and always protect the owners like a beloved family member. They can serve you in a better manner, if you know the right techniques to train your German Shepherds to track, protect, and attack. This article will help you in transforming your ordinary German Shepherd dog into a royal guard.
Training for Protection
So, German Shepherds are family dogs, and are emotional and protective about their owners. Being naturally so, you would hardly have to train them for protection. Firstly, you need to start with the basic dog obedience training. Let your dog learn to take your orders, such as, 'come', 'go', 'sit', 'stop', etc. These basic commands would help you in training the dog further. The obedience training would make the dog understand that you are the 'boss', and not him. This is one of the golden rules to remember while training a German Shepherd. Simultaneously, you should also socialize your dog. Let him get acquainted with the surroundings and local places. Take him out for a walk everyday and let him observe the places and people around. Allow him to get friendly with your neighbors, relatives, and friends. Teach him not to attack, bite, or chase other people or animals. After a few weeks, he would have an idea about the boundaries that he should be protecting. Make sure you provide the German Shepherd with consistent training so that he learns things faster. Also teach him the following things using primary commands, in order to make him a good protector.
  • To bark when he hears someone at the door or around the house.
  • To stop barking when a familiar person arrives.
  • Not to accept food from strangers.
  • Not to sleep when he needs to be alert.
Training to Attack
Training a German Shepherd is a responsible job, especially when it comes to attack training. Such training must be provided only for the purpose of protection. Before you start attack training, it is essential for the dog to undergo obedience training, so that you know how to control him through mere commands. The submission commands such as, 'heel', 'stay', 'calm', etc., would help in avoiding unpleasant events and accidents. Once the dog learns to take your commands, select two different words for 'attack' and 'stop'.
  • First, you have to start with leash training. When you command 'attack', loosen the leash; and pull the leash when you want to command 'stop'. Repeat this several times so that the dog learns when to attack and when to stop.
  • Once the dog gets leash training for attack; train the dog to attack the arms and legs of an attacker, in order to immobilize him without any fatal injuries. You must wear a bite suit and use a stick to bite train the dog.
  • Now, train the dog to attack, when the master cannot make commands. This will help you in situations, wherein you become unconscious or are not aware of the impending danger.
Training to Track
German Shepherds have an excellent nose for troubles and dangers. You can utilize this skill by providing them with proper trail training. Training them to track is quite a tedious and time-consuming task, but you won't regret it. First, you need to decide the venue for trail training, which has to be a field or a garden where there is enough grass and trees. You would also need some delicious treats for the dog, along with basic training essentials, such as, collars, leash, and a piece of clothing. Given below are few tips that would make trail training easy and effective.
  • Make your dog sit at one place.
  • Take a treat and crush it on the grass.
  • Start walking away in a straight line placing a treat at every 6 to 8 feet. By now the dog would have got the smell of the food.
  • At the end of the track, place a piece of clothing along with a treat.
  • Now release the dog and command him to 'find' the cloth.
  • Encourage him to sniff the ground and praise him while doing that without disturbing and distracting him.
  • Once he reaches the end of the track and finds the cloth, reward him with food or a toy.
Slowly, you can make the job tough for him by having longer and curved or zigzag tracks. But make sure that you repeat and revise the training everyday without pressurizing the dog, and let him learn at his own pace. You can also take the assistance of a professional dog trainer, who can make your task easy and train the dog in a better way.
  • Look for pet dog owner liability laws in your state.
  • Assistance of professionals is suggested for attack training.
  • Ensure proper safety measures for the helpers, other people, and animals around.
  • Contact the local police for safety suggestions and in case of accidents.
I hope these German Shepherd training tips were resourceful for you. These dogs have to be trained properly, so as to make them best pets, companions, and guards, to have around.
Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert advice.
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