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Toy Yorkie Information

Toy Yorkie Information
Crazy about cute and cuddly pooches? Well, then you might be interested in reading some interesting Toy Yorkie information. Well, what are you waiting for......?
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
The dog was created specially for children. He is the god of frolic. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
Whether or not the above quote applies to any other dog breed, it definitely fits the likes of pugs and Toy Yorkies to a T! Although smaller dog breeds may look cute and cuddly but not all of them are comfortable around kids and tend to compete with them for the adult owners' attention. On the contrary, most larger dog breeds are quite gentle and extremely affectionate when it comes to kids. They even become very protective of them and like to be around them to keep them from harm!
However, pugs and Toy Yorkies are a couple of exceptions. Although smaller breeds, these two dogs are known for their active and playful nature and this makes them excellent companions for kids as they hardly seem to tire of chasing and playing all sorts of physical games all day long!
However, that doesn't mean you can get away with slighting or ignoring a Toy Yorkie. These dogs are very sensitive to inattention and if a Yorkie feels it is not getting the amount of attention and affection it deserves from its master, it'll yap its heads out till you realize your error and compensate on the indulgence you deprived it from! Interesting isn't it? Well ask any Yorkie owner and he'll tell you how his beloved pooch has a personality that is nothing short of dignified, albeit being playful and hyperactive. With that, let's proceed towards some interesting Toy Yorkie information that I handpicked specially for you!
Toy Yorkie Facts
Here are some random facts about Toy Yorkies that, I am sure, you'll find amusing. Who knows, after reading these you may even consider getting one for yourself if you've been contemplating upon adopting a canine companion for sometime now!
  • Believed to have originated from Yorkshire, England, in the 19th century,Toy Yorkies are among the most popular and most adopted dog breeds in the United States of America. Not bad for a dog this size, but then, not surprising either considering its cute appeal!
  • Despite their typical high maintenance looks and lap-dog air, Toy Yorkies can be pretty bold and aggressive, often bordering on over protectiveness, if the occasion calls for it. Believe it or not but Toy Yorkies have been known to deter burglary attempts on various occasions by alerting the owners with its loud, persistent yapping!
  • One hard-to-believe fact about Toy Yorkies is that they were originally bred as hunting dogs to chase and catch.......... mice and rats. Considering it's, um, petite frame, this is nothing to be ridiculed!
  • Although they are good with kids, it is not advisable to leave them with very small kids unsupervised. Although quite affectionate and playful, Yorkshire terriers are somewhat high-strung and their tendency to chase anything that moves and chew anything soft may lead to some unintended nips and scratches to the child.
  • It is easy to guess from its long coated appearance that toy Yorkie care involves regular grooming and cleaning sessions. Brushing your Yorkie's coat on a regular basis keeps it free of dust, dirt and burrs or twigs (i.e., if your pooch has a tendency to run into bushes and undergrowth).
  • Yorkies are predisposed to develop dental problems. Therefore, it is best to feed them dry food to exercise their gums and keep the teeth strong. Regularly brushing their teeth also keeps decay and bad breath at bay. Keep a lookout for any abnormality in its breathing pattern as Yorkies often develop respiratory diseases.
  • Despite their long and abundant coat, shedding is hardly ever an issue with Yorkies. When you get a Yorkie, you can rest assured that your household is livened up by a tiny, adorable fur ball without you having to vacuüm clean your draperies every other day!
So, you see what a wonderful companion a Toy Yorkie can be? The Yorkshire terrier is the perfect combination of a cuddly lap-dog and a bold watchdog and the best part is that you can easily accommodate one in standard urban apartment! As long as you take it for a walk at least once every day, it can adapt very easily to a small living space. Although it is a hyperactive, playful breed, do remember its small frame when handling it or playing with it. Too rough handling can be detrimental to its skeletal health and your frisky canine may have to miss out on its habitual frolic-a-thon for a couple of days. I hope you found the above Toy Yorkie information useful and interesting. So, when are you bringing Frisky home?