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Toy Fox Terrier Dogs

Kashmira Lad Nov 3, 2018
The toy fox terrier is a small, cute, and very loving dog. Here are some facts associated with this breed.
Small, adorable, intelligent, and lovable, the toy fox terrier is a very good companion to have around the house, as is the case with most dogs. This small and athletic dog is quite courageous in nature and is a great hit with children.
Its rather attractive and appealing features have found many takers all over. It is a direct descendant of the fox terrier. It makes a great pet even if you live in a small apartment. Basically being active, it ensures that it gets the adequate amount of exercise in its own way.


This dog is small in appearance but has the mannerisms of a large dog. It has large and round eyes with very characteristic V-shaped ears. Its coat is quite smooth to touch and is very fine in its texture.
The general color of the coat is in shades of black and white with a tan shade on the face area as well. In some varieties, a chocolate color replaces the black shade. Yet another variety is all-white with a touch of tan shade and without the color black. This dog also has a narrow muzzle and a short tail.
Generally, the tail is docked a few days after birth. Although being small in appearance, it has quite an athletic build. On an average, its height is between 8.5 to 11.5 inches and weight is between 3.5 to 7 pounds.

Behavior Patterns

The athletic build of the dog is matched with an agile and energetic attitude. This dog is known to be very alert in its behavior, and also very playful. Its active nature makes it curious about everything around. It is very intelligent and loves to hunt. It can respond to a variety of words.
Therefore, it can be trained with ease and also makes a wonderful companion to have around you. It is also known to get along well with other pets. It makes a great companion for older children and people with disabilities. Since it is excellent to train and very intelligent, it can prove to be a helpful companion for human beings.


The intelligence of this dog makes it easier to train it. It is very quick to learn and adapt to the instructions given. Note that when you do impart training to your dog, do so at an early age so that it can respond better to your instructions.
While training, be firm and not too harsh, and always ensure you have a suitable reward every time your dog follows instructions correctly.


Generally, this breed does not always shed its fur. In fact, it can be called a light shedder. Some amount of occasional brushing would prove to be useful. Always note that the nails should be trimmed. Bathe the dog when necessary.


This breed is generally-healthy. However, it may be prone to conditions like Legg-Calvé-Perthes and stifle, which are common to toy breeds. Some dogs may be prone to beet pulp, corn, or wheat. The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 14 years.
The Toy Fox Terrier makes a wonderful pet. Its playful nature makes it a delight to have around.