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Tough Male and Female Dog Names That'll Match Their Personality

Tough Male and Female Dog Names
Thinking of buying a big and tough dog breed? We make the next step easier for you. Name your dog with a perfect, unique name. We help you select something great for your tough canine companion.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: May 13, 2018
Naming Tips
1. Try not to select a name that sounds just like your dog's training commands. It may get confused.
2. Do not select a name that sounds like your other dog's name.
Tough dog breeds are those that have a strong built and might get rough at play. These breeds include Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and many more. These breeds are bred for protection and are also used in different search operations.
The name says a lot about a dog's personality and should go with it. You might take some time to observe the traits of your dog and then select a name.
There is no doubt that the names listed below for both males and females are for the big dog breeds. But you can always give it a funny twist by naming your small dog with a tough name. It would be fun to see people's expressions when you call out to your pet with a tough name and your small dog lovingly runs to you.
Tough Names for Male Dogs
Ace Adrian Al Fresco Alpha
Angus Apollo Ares Audie
Augustus Axel Bandit Bash
Blaze Bolt Bonzo Bouncer
Boxer Brawler Bruiser Brutus
Busta Carlo Carson Cash
Casanova Cisco Curtis Cyrus
Czar Dagger Darq Dodge
Drake Dre Duke Earl
Elvis Edgar Elmo Felix
Flash Flech Galax Gunner
Goliath Gomper Gonzo Gorto
Grover Gusto Hades Hadza
Hammer Hercules Hudson Huxley
Ike Issac Jagger Jarret
Jaws Kaiser Knucker Kramer
Leo Lex Magnus Marco
Mason Maximus Ninja Nitro
Omega Orin Orlando Ozzie
Parker Paws Pirate Priscus
Qaos Quin Radar Razzle
Razor Rhino Rex Robin
Roofus Rooney Rowdy Rusty
Scruffy Snappy Spazz Spike
Strider Stryker Tarzan Tayo
Titan Tracker Turbo Thor
Tyler Tyson Tzar Uno
Url Valdeze Viking Viper
Whiskey William Winslow Wrangler
Yang Yapper Zander Zeek
Zeus Zod
Tough Names for Female Dogs
Alexandra Alicia Askher Atlanta
Audie Ava Bassa Blair
Bridget Buffy Christy Cleopatra
Cloe Cybele Darla Dayna
Dazzle Dixie Edina Elektra
Elexis Eliza Fifi Friskers
Gretchen Gretel Gidget Giselle
Gypsy Hailey Heather Ida
Ivy Izzy Jayce Jenna
Jocelyn Kacey Keesha Kaila
Karmen Kayle Kaysie Laika
Layla Lexus Lilian Magnolia
Moesha Nadia Nora Olympia
Oprah Ozzie Petra Petunia
Priscilla Prudence Quincy Reese
Roxanne Ruckus Ruffles Sadie
Sasha Steffi Stella Tara
Tasia Tiffa Ursula Veronica
Vixen Willa Zari Zelda
Zhaki Ziba Zina Zollie
So the next time you call your dog, people will not only fear the dog's looks, but also will remember its name forever! But tough looks don't mean that it will hurt you. They are the most loving creatures and will always be.