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Top 10 Dog Foods for Puppies

Here's looking into the top 10 dog foods for puppies to help them grow and live out fuller, healthier lives...
DogAppy Staff
Dogs, among other animals, need their dietary nutrition like us humans. They too rely on meals and snacks that are nutritious and contain all the vital vitamins to help them grow and function effectively. The biggest mistake that people make when bringing up pets, is feeding them human food. You need to understand that they cannot eat what you eat, because there are certain elements in these foods that are damaging to a pet's system.
Animals and humans do not function in the same manner, and opting for foods that are meant for our consumption is not ideal for a dog's diet, or any pet for the matter. You need to provide for them specially made pet food that is prepared by companies that cater specifically to pet edibles. The best dog foods for puppies that are making it big among dog owners who own pups, should be on your list of things-to-buy.
Top Ten Dog Food Brands - Choose One that Fits Your Pup's Requirements
These are some of the top dog foods that are crowding pet stores and convenience store outlets, that check out for yourself in your neighborhood. If at all these are not available, there's no need to fret, since these are easily attainable from online. You should know how to pick out your dog food by reading the ingredients to familiarize yourself about what it contains and what it lacks, because it needs to be the embodiment of all things nutritional to help your little puppy grow into a strong, healthy full-grown dog. It would ensure that its coat of fur is well maintained with minimal shedding, gums and teeth are taken care of, health is ensured and that energy levels are prolonged.
Blue Buffalo
This one scores big ones on the organic front, being enhanced to meet all of a dog's needs in one fulfilling package. It is made from only organically grown harvests with a hard to match combo of life source bits which contain all of a dog's vitamins and essential antioxidants with nutrients. These are available in all kinds of blends including formulas which you can buy depending on the age of your pup. You can find a whole array of their products based on different meal plans, which are also gluten-free.
Karma Organic
You wouldn't believe how carefully this dog food brand is put together with people only thinking about how a dog would benefit, pampering their systems to get only the best of the best. These come with antioxidants from sources like green tea and rosemary, with whole grain mixtures of brown rice, kamut and quinoa. Seeds that provide essential fatty acids are also included, from sunflower and flaxseed, with no dried fruits and vegetables included, but completely organic add-ons of the two, with poultry as well that has been holistically brought up.
Natural Balance
There's a whole range of food products meant for pets of all kinds including large carnivores like lions as well! They cater not only to household pets but to the wilder ones that trained people care for. Every animal needs that balance in its diet and NB knows how to meet all those different areas when it comes to a pet's nutritional requirements. So for puppies, there is a sectional area for them that advises buyers on feeding them dry dog food from their wide range of products. There is a well planned out spread of how to feed your puppy, which buyers should also look through. There's a whole also a ton of varied canned foods which are also available for puppies, with instructions available on their homepage about how to feed them and in what quantity.
Newman's Own Organics
This premium dog food brand is the epitome of all things healthy and wholesome when it comes to what a dog needs, to provide for them their daily dose of nutrients. It contains nature's finest in soy meal, kelp, carrots, chicken (natural), barley, taurine, oats, chicken fat, sorghum, brown rice, peas and so much more. All these are organically harvested and produced with no pesticides or harmful agents that are artificial in nature, hampering its overall naturalness. What you'll not find here is artificial flavorings, antibiotics or steroids of any kind, preservatives, chemical fertilizers and other agents that could harm your dog.
California Natural
These foods contain only the best there is in carbohydrate, protein and fat sources, which have no fillers or other additives that could damage a pet's system. It ensures that pets aren't put through an ordeal of a meal that doesn't include all of nature's abundance, since pets cannot handle the inclusion of ingredients that are meant to harm than cater. You'll find foods here rich in omega 6 fatty acids and omega 3 as well, with added taurine to provide them a healthy dose of this essential amino acid. Other brands that made it to the top dog food for puppies are just as hard to come by when it is a question of what works best to help pets grow and maintain healthy unhindered lives.
Nature's Variety
The company knows that pets need a diet that is optimal on nutrition, and caters to the needs of your pet not just in matters of health, but taste too. The products that Nature's Variety provide, are free of artificial colors, wheat, preservatives, soy, corn, and other harmful add-ons, and is rich in lean meat and other healthful ingredients, to round it all up in one perfect packaged good. Check out their varied products, and find one which suits your dog's requirements.
Blue Buffalo
The products are devoid of wheat, corn, or soy, but most importantly it doesn't contain preservatives, by-products of the meat included, or cheap fillers. It has a secret blend of BLUE's LifeSource Bits, which is a coalesce of important antioxidants, minerals, and vital vitamins. Also packed into this carefully planned dog food ensemble, are a rich source of veggies, grains, fish, chicken, and fruit. Even for pups who are food-sensitive, there's a special product that is now available by BLUE called BLUE Basics, in a mix of turkey and potato.
An impressive array of dog food meets your eyes when you set out to purchase a product that is meant for your puppy, under Authority. As the name rightly suggests, the company strives at taking charge in providing meals that are enriching and free from artificial inclusions, or preservative-based add-ons. You can rely on this company to give you quality food produce for your dog, where real meat is a priority to help your puppy get its required protein supply. When your pup does grow, you can always go back to Authority to take advantage of their adult, large, and senior breed product varieties.
Natura Pet
This massive company portal provides a huge array of dog food that you can pick and choose from. It may confuse you at first, if you stumble upon their website to check out their products firsthand. All you have to do is type in the search bar, "puppy food", where it will take you to an advanced search page, where you can choose options on the left panel to take a look at your desired results. You'll see that the results contain a complete list of everything you'll need to feed your pup, from canned foods to dry, you'll be spoiled for choice when picking out what works well for you. Take comfort in knowing that all foods are natural, additive/preservative/chemical free, and extremely nutritional.
Now this is one company that knows how to pull you in, and keep you hooked and loyal to their mammoth platform of dog food, and other pet produce. Take a look at their online portal and you'll know that care and attention to detail, are practiced with loyalty, to make sure your pup's system isn't deficient in any way. Here you can choose the 'puppy' option, under the tab 'dog food' where a wide selection of their products titled "Dry Formula", "Cans", "Trays", "Biscuits" and "Treats", will appear at your service.
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Dog food may probably seem like an ordeal for some to constantly stock up on, with many owners not really caring what it is they feed their pets. This isn't how one should approach the idea of taking care of a pet since this in itself is a big responsibility. Taking care of one is just as important as caring for a person; you wouldn't feed a person bad food now would you? Think of your pet as a member of the family and bring him/her up the way that they need to be. After all this is a commitment you made, and now you have to see it through.