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Ridiculously Helpful Tips for Buying Clothes for Your Dog

Tips for Buying Clothes for Your Dog
Dog clothes not only enhance your dog's looks and make it more adorable, but they also protect it from cold. Given in this DogAppy post are useful tips for buying quality clothes for your dog.
Malvika Kulur
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
According to research conducted by the American Pet Products Association, $53.33 billion was the actual pet expenditure for the year 2012, while $53.53 billion is the estimated pet expenditure for the year 2013.
When it comes to choosing garments for our adorable pooches, we go gaga over the variety available in the market. This write-up has some useful tips that will help you choose clothes for your dog.
Shopping Tips for Dog Clothes
» Always choose clothes that are made from high quality fabric, like cotton, fleece, knits, and blends. Pajamas, shirts, sweaters, raincoats, T-shirts, etc., should be made from very good quality fabric, as they will last long and be comfortable for your dog.
puppy sweater
» Depending on the purpose of the apparel, the fabric should be chosen. For example, if your purpose of dressing up your dog is to protect it from cold, a fleece jacket is the best option. If you are just using clothes to make your dog look better than what it already looks, go in for 100% cotton.
dog jacket
» Many people like dressing up their dogs in blended fabrics, and if you fall in that category, choose the best blend. Your dog needs to be comfortable in what it wears, so choose clothes made of fabrics that do not pull the fur out, or do not cause any irritations to your dog.
dog blended fabrics
» Dog clothes are available in many sizes. Therefore, choosing the right size of clothes for your dog is very easy. If your dog is a large breed like a Great Dane, or a Mastiff, then you should choose clothes that are specifically made for large dogs.
dog sweater
» The clothes you choose should fit your dog well. They should not be too tight, or too loose. If the clothes are too loose, your dog will be uncomfortable in them and will surely trip and fall, and if they are too tight, then your pet will feel suffocated.
tight cloth
» There are shops that have clothes for specific dog sizes, so if you have a small dog, find a store that caters specifically to small dogs, and if you have a medium- or large-sized dog, choose stores that sell medium- to large-sized clothes.
small dog cloths
» Don't forget to take measurements of your dog before buying clothes.
» Dog clothes can burn a hole in your pocket, so setting a budget is very helpful.

» There are many shops and outlets that sell clothes at very high prices, and there are some that sell good quality, stylish clothes, which last long, at lower prices.

» Choose wisely, depending on your budget.
dog shop
» Comfort is the most important factor in choosing clothes for your dog. When you see a garment and feel that your dog will not be comfortable in it, don't buy it.

» You should buy an outfit that is simple to put on and remove. Your dog should not feel restricted while wearing clothes.

» Always choose fabrics and sizes that will not make your dog feel uncomfortable. If your dog is happy in a particular style of garment, then stick to those. For example, you have a dog that favors T-shirts over sweaters, then do not force your dog to wear sweaters. You can always accessorize even the simplest outfit with bandannas, belts, ties, etc., to make your pet look jazzy.

» Apart from your dog being comfortable in the apparel, the collar and harness should also fit comfortably with the clothes. Also, make sure that the embellishments on the garments do not poke or cause any itching to your dog.
comfort dog cloth
» Buying clothes for dogs is like buying clothes for babies. One needs to be very careful, as dogs have a tendency to rip off buttons, bows, pockets, etc.

» So, always choose clothes that are safe. Buttons, studs, and other small embellishments may be a choking hazard. That is why buying clothes with buttons for dogs is generally discouraged. If your dog is older, used to wearing clothes, and does not try to rip things off his clothes, then buying clothes that button up makes sense.

» Zippers are not a very safe option, as there are high chances of it getting stuck or entangled in your dog's fur, thus, hurting it. Velcro is a safer option, as it is easy to fasten, and the possibility of your dog getting injured gets minimized drastically.
» Choose clothes that suit the weather in the place that you live. If you live in a place that has cold weather, you should choose clothes that will keep your dog warm and cozy.
dog winter coat
» If the weather is hot, and you want to dress up your dog, then thin T-shirts or scarves are best for your dog.
dog hot cloth
» If you are choosing raincoats, make sure you choose those that have reflecting strips at the back of them so that vehicles can spot your dog clearly in the dark.
winter puppy
Buying clothes for your dog during sales is another good idea, as you get good deals on garments. Don't buy shiny or glittery clothes for your dog, as your pet may try to eat it, or may just get distracted by all the glimmer around it. Enjoy shopping for your dog using the above-mentioned tips.