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The Skye Terrier

Claudia Miclaus May 10, 2019
Known for its remarkable watch dog abilities in spite of its size, the Skye Terrier makes a great pet. This story provides some more information about this dog breed.


The Skye Terrier is a breed of dog that is known for its long, low body and dignified personality. This breed originated in Scotland, and is one of the oldest breed of terriers. The purebred dogs of this breed were found in the Isle of Skye, from where it gets its name. It became popular in the 1600s because of its long coat.
There is some confusion about the origins of this breed. One of the stories says that this breed is connected to a very old shipwreck. In the 1600's, a Spanish ship wrecked in the Scottish Hebrides.
The animals that survived were Maltese dogs that later mated with the local terrier population creating a Skye terrier that was unique. Many think that it is just a story, because some text was discovered dating back centuries before the supposed shipwreck, that describes in detail the terrier that it is today.


This breed has a double coat, with the undercoat being soft and warm and the top coat being hard and straight. The coat needs to lay flat against the body and be straight with no curls in it. It should be about 5 inches in length. This dog can have either prick or drop ears.
The prick-eared dogs have hair that falls like a fringe, and blends with the hair on the side. The color can be black, gray (dark or light), fawn, blond, and blue, with black points on the ears and muzzle. The only other color that is allowed is a small white patch on the chest.
An interesting fact is that there is no specific preference when it comes to the dog's ear type. Grooming must be done at least once a week. Also, trimming around the toes and pads is a must to prevent problems developing from dampness and other stuff.
The height of this dog is an average of 10 inches. The weight for males is 35 to 40 pounds (16 to 18 kg) and for females is 25 to 30 pounds (12 to 14 kg). They live up to 12 to 15 years.


This dog does not like to be touched unless by the owners, a strange type of personality. Another thing that it does not like is other animals in the house, it wants all the owners' attention for itself and will not like it if it has to share even a little bit with another animal.
When it comes to children, it is picky as well. If the dog has been well-socialized and if the children are older and well-behaved, then it might accept them. Obviously, this is not a dog for a big family or a family that has smaller children. However, there are some dogs that are friendly and accepting. It all depends on its personality.
It is a very good watch dog and will not fail in letting its owner know when somebody has come to the house. It is considered an excellent observer and is not a dog to be messed with, despite its size.

Health and Maintenance

Its ears must be cleaned and kept dry to prevent any infections from forming. The hair around the face needs to be kept clean too. Make sure that this dog gets at least a short walk every day. It only needs a little time to keep itself in shape. It sheds, so some vacuuming will be necessary in order to keep the hair around the house in control.
As this breed is short-legged, it may be affected by degenerative disc diseases. It may also face health issues such as mammary cancer, autoimmune diseases, or hypothyroidism.
Also, puppies should not be subjected to too much walking or running, climbing up and down, or jumping from heights until they are 10 months old. This is because it can lead to improper bone growth, which can further result in bowed legs or the dog walking with a painful limp.
If you have plans to get this or any other purebred dog for that matter, please remember to get one from a breeder that has a good reputation; these are people who care about their animals and the homes that their puppies will end up in.
They will be able to give you proof of health certificates and check ups not only on the puppy, but also on the parents of the puppy. Take your time and get something that you truly like instead of buying dogs that are cruelly-bred and further fueling the immoral trade of puppy mills.