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Snuggie for Dogs

Snuggie for Dogs
A snuggie is your best bet if you want to keep your dog warm, without restricting his movements.
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The snuggie is no doubt one of the weirdest inventions of the 21st Century. It is basically a blanket with sleeves and hence, is also called a 'slanket'! The story of its invention is pretty interesting. One winter evening, Gary Clegg, a college student, was covered in his blanket watching his favorite television program. The poor guy wanted to change the channel, but was not able to, since the television sensor could not pick the signal through the blanket. Oh! Did I mention that Gary was too lazy to extend his hands a few inches out of the blanket?
Infuriated by the limited mobility his blanket permitted him, Gary cut out two holes through the blanket through which he could take his hands out to perform several important tasks, like changing TV channel, munching popcorns, etc. That's when an ingenious idea struck him, which later ended the plight of millions of Americans. He asked his mother to stitch sleeves to his blanket; that's how the first snuggie was born. Ever since, snuggie has become a rage in America, as people can now enjoy their popcorn, with their blankets on!
Dog Snuggies
While Gary's fellow countrymen were rejoicing the newfound freedom of their hands, their dogs only wistfully watched them. Shortly then, a pet clothing company came up with the idea of snuggie for dogs! It didn't take long before the idea went viral, following which all dog owners wanted a snuggie for their pet. Snuggies are commercially available in two colors, pink and blue. The design is simple and takes only a few seconds to put on your dog. You can either buy a snuggie for your dog or make one on your own.
Buying a Snuggie
As mentioned above, you can choose from two colors, pink and blue. Currently, snuggies are available in 4 sizes, which cover a range of dog sizes. Extra-small snuggie fits a dog that is 6 - 7 inches in length, while a small size perfectly fits a dog that's about 8 - 11 inches. Medium-sized one fits any dog between 12 - 15 inches, while the large size will successfully fit a 16 - 22 inch dog.
It takes only a few seconds to get the snuggie on your dog's body. You simply have to wrap your dog in a snuggie, take his legs out, and close the velcro at the back. Normally, most dog clothes require you to push your dogs head through it, which involves a lot of efforts of your part; more so, if your dog is particularly resistant about wearing clothes!
How to Make a Snuggie
If you are making a simple snuggie for your pet dog on your own, then you will be able to choose the color and pattern. Leopard-print snuggies, for instance, are quite popular among dog owners. You simply have to cut a piece of blanket large enough for your dog and sew sleeves to it. The fabric of the blanket should be soft and should not irritate your dog. Attach velcro tabs for a perfect fit. The only problem with velcro tabs is that, your dog might find its noise terrifying when the tab opens while playing. A simple way out of this, is to use laces or hooks instead of velcro.
Snuggie allows your dog to move freely, while still keeping him warm. So, this winter you and your dog can together cuddle up on couch in a matching snuggie!