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Skin Tags on Dogs

Skin Tags on Dogs
Skin tags on dogs are benign and harmless growths, which are often confused with skin cancer and other problems. Considering this, removing dog skin tags is advisable only when the pets show signs of irritation and discomfort.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Speaking about canine skin diseases, they result either due to microbial infections or allergic reactions. Dog skin disease symptoms like itching, discomfort, and irritation are caused by the body's overactive immune response, which is associated with excess production of antibodies. Another skin disorder in dogs is development of skin tags. This particular skin condition can affect any dog, irrespective of the dog breed and age. Let's take a closer look on how to identify dog skin tags and their removal.
Identification of Skin Tags on Dogs
Majority of the pet owners have a common doubt about dogs getting skin tags. In fact, most of them are not aware about the appearance of this skin problem. That is the reason why skin tags in dogs are often confused with dog skin cancer and other cancer forms like melanoma and keratoacanthomas. It is to be borne in mind that dog skin tags are mostly benign (not dangerous) and harmless. Very rarely, these skin outgrowth causes irritations and discomfort symptoms. As of now, the exact cause of skin tags in dogs is not very clear.
As per veterinarians, both hereditary and environmental factors play a role in causing dog skin tags. Your pet may develop skin tags anywhere in his body. It is also not unusual to have more than one skin tag. For the identification part, skin tags often develop with a pendulous base. If the same case is applicable to your pet, then the slightly elongated outgrowths are nothing serious, but they are just benign lesions. One of the least concerning issues is when such skin condition is developed on the lips or mouth area. There are chances that the skin condition is malignant. Hence, it is preferable to seek advice from a vet regarding canine skin tags on the lips and mouth. Such a case is also not related to cancer.
Skin Tags Removal
As already mentioned, skin tags on pet dogs are benign and non-cancerous. Thus, they do not require therapeutic intervention. Nevertheless, if the dog is getting irritated because of the skin outgrowth, then you can consider seeking advice from a qualified veterinarian. Examine for any abnormal changes in the dog's behavior. Pain and irritation in the affected area may be resulted due to large-sized skin tags, which get bumped or crushed with hard objects. If necessary, the veterinarian may conduct non-invasive surgery for removing the skin tags on a dog.
If the dog skin tags are not removed, make sure you check them regularly for any alterations in the size and color. As a pet owner, it is very important to understand the common dog illnesses in order to keep your pet healthy and playful. You should also have proper knowledge about dog grooming tips.
When it comes to dogs' health problems, they are mostly affected by skin and ear diseases. This is due to the fact that the skin and the ears are exposed body parts, which directly encounter environmental pollutants, microbes, and other unpleasant particles. As dogs roam here and there, it is quite possible that they come into contact with allergens and disease-causing organisms. If your pet dog has the ability to fight against them, then it will recover without manifestation of noticeable symptoms.
At times, it may get afflicted with certain problems based on the causal factor and the autoimmune responses. At any point of time, taking proper dog care and making him comfortable are the first priorities for every pet owner. After all, it is this caring bond and understanding that makes your dog the best companion ever!
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