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Skin Rashes on Dogs

Skin Rashes on Dogs

Skin rashes on dogs is a health problem of common occurrence. Dealing with these rashes on a dog's skin in a timely manner is important.
DogAppy Staff
The health problem of skin rashes is a serious one in dogs. Owners need to be careful while dealing with this problem. It is difficult to control and might trouble the affected dog for a long period. To know whether a dog is really affected, one should diagnose the skin to check if it looks flaky, red in color, or is swollen in appearance. Generally, dogs tend to nibble on or scratch the affected part. Given below are the symptoms, causes, and treatments to be used for skin rashes, which would further help in dog care.


Itchy skin is the commonly observed symptom of rashes on dog skin. Rashes which cause itchy skin are difficult to detect, since many dogs are just habituated to scratching the skin while others have a genuine skin rash problem. Ear infections that are chronic or recurrent are also one of the symptoms of skin rash. Some of the other symptoms include hair loss, frequent bowel movements, skin infections, etc.


The primary causes of rashes on dogs are atopy, food allergies, environmental allergies, and parasites such as ticks, fleas, lice, and worms.

Atopy: It is an allergy to molds, pollens, dust mites, etc. exhibited by dogs, which could either be genetic or acquired over time. Breeds like Terriers, Retriever, Setters, Chinese Shar-Peis, Dalmatians, etc. are likely to contract this allergy. The symptoms shown by dogs in this case are itching around the feet, lower belly, chest, and face. Differentiating atopy from other causes of skin rash is difficult due to the similarity in their symptoms. Blood tests are thus conducted to determine the exact cause of the rash.

Food Allergies: Food allergies also lead to the occurrence of skin rashes on dogs. Exposure to certain proteins or allergens leads to food allergies in dogs. A hypersensitive reaction to some proteins results in skin rashes.

Environmental allergies: Toxic environmental pollutants are also responsible for this skin condition in dogs. Some of the chemicals used for spraying in the house could result into the development of a skin rash. Pollutants like toxic fumes emitted from chemicals could be one of the reasons behind it.


The following treatments would help in providing relief from rashes.

Milk of Magnesia: It is a soothing substance which when applied to the dog's skin with the help of a cotton ball provides relief from dryness, itchiness, and skin irritation.

Aloe Vera Cream: The aloe vera herb is known for its natural healing powers and could be applied to the dog's skin directly or in the form of creams or lotions.

Baking Soda: Using baking soda gives instant relief from itching. The soda is mixed in water before applying it to the skin.

Oatmeal Shampoo with Aloe: It is used for dogs which are prone to skin rashes. Oats do the work of keeping the coat healthy while aloe is beneficial in healing the skin.

The above treatments thus help in not only relieving rashes on dogs but also maintaining the dog's overall health. One should, however, determine the specific causes of skin rashes and then proceed further.