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Sheltie Dogs

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 25, 2018
Shelties are an intelligent, obedient, and beautiful dog breed. Here are some information about its physique, personality, lifespan, etc., that will help you know your pet better.
Energetic, hard-headed, and good-natured goof-balls is what describes the Sheltie's personality. They are sweet-natured, serious, and introvert dogs, who love anyone and everyone they know. So, if you are planning dog adoption and have your heart set on a cute Sheltie puppy, the following information will help you confirm your choice.
These dogs are known as Shetland Sheepdogs and sometimes as Shetland Collies. These breeds belong to the herding dog group and are named after Shetland Islands off the northeastern coast of Scotland. They were primarily raised to protect the herd and livestock.
The Shetland Collie was recognized as a breed by the Kennel Club, England in 1909. Many Collie breeders objected to the name and thus, Shetland Sheepdog was recognized as the breed name in 1914 by the Kennel Club, England. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1911 and the Canadian Kennel Club recognized the Shetland Sheepdog in 1930.

Physical Characteristics

Sheltie dogs are similar to small Collies in appearance. The average height is about 14 inches high to the shoulder. Thus, they come under the small to medium size breeds. They have two types of fur that make up a thick double coat.
They have a long, straight outer coat and a dense undercoat. Thus, helping them stay cool in summer and warm in winter. The coat colors are sable and white that ranges from gold to mahogany in shades. The second coat color is a tri-colored coat that includes black, white, and tan. The third coat color is blue merle that includes white, black, and tan.
They have pointy ears, long gentle faces, and bushy tails. They look like a fox and are very cute. The female Shelties tend to shed more than the males.


Sheltie dogs display a personality that shows that they are intelligent, family dogs. They make very loyal pets and rank outstandingly in companionship. They tend to bark a lot and are suspicious of strangers. These make them good watch dogs.
They belong to the herding breed and thus need to be given a job to do. If they do not have livestock to overlook, they hurdle up the children, thus, get along very well with children and love to play with them.
They need something to do all the time, to help release their energy or you will have a constantly yapping dog who is just trying to dissipate its energy levels. They love to work with people and score the highest in the obedience category.
The breed is very responsive, bright and devoted. They love to play Frisbee and ball and want to please every one. Thus, training becomes a cake walk. You will love to take them out for walks and even find them at ease during traveling.
If you do not provide sufficient exercise and mental stimulation, the dog will tend to show negative behavior like nervousness, excessive barking, and shyness. Many of these breeds that are bought from pet stores or backyard breeders, who know very little about the breed tend to be fearful, high-strung, yappy, and nip a lot.
If the breed is bred well, they will be very well-behaved and active. The poorly bred Sheltie dogs have an unpredictable temperament and thus are not suitable for families with little children.
Their personality on the whole is gentle, playful, amiable, and excellent with children. They are reserved and may be a little timid in front of strangers. You need to brush the thick coat every alternate day. They are prone to dermatomyositis and thus require regular grooming.

Life Span

The Sheltie dog's life span is about 12 - 14 years. They are prone to many health problems and proper care will ensure a long and full life expectancy.
The breed is great for a new dog owner. They are very healthy and even-tempered when treated well. They are always eager to please and therefore you will not encounter many behavior problems.
These are good apartment dogs, as long as you fulfill their requirements of daily mental and physical exercise and play. Your kids will love their new pet and even enjoy training it for various dog shows.