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Scottish Terrier Names

This article covers some unique and fun Scottish terrier breed names and information. This will not only give you more insight into the breed but will also help you choose a name for you Scottish terrier pup.
DogAppy Staff
The Scottish terrier dog breed originated in Scotland. It was originally bred for hunting down rodents. It has a very hardy character that has earned it the nickname 'Diehard'. Also known as 'Aberdeen Terrier' or 'Scotty', the breed shot to fame when one dog was adopted as a pet by the U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. In 1885, the American Kennel Club registered it as an official breed.
The Scottish terrier is a small, compact dog that is sturdy and has substance. Its coat is hard, wiry, and water-resistant. It is an alert and spirited breed. As all terrier types, it is determined and thoughtful. This dog has a stable temperament and is loving and gentle. It tends to be a bit moody, as one minute you will find an enthusiastic dog running about and the next, a grumpy-faced one. It is a bit stubborn and likes to test the patience of the owner. It needs moderate grooming, and the coat needs to be brushed once or twice a week. You need to be firm during training as this stubborn breed will not follow all dog obedience rules. It likes to please its owner, but you can never be sure of the moody temperament. On the whole, this breed makes for delightful pets and you will enjoy every moment.
Good Names for Scottish Terriers
There are no rules that you have to follow to name your dog, but you should choose a name that suits its breed, personality, and temperament.

Female Names Male Names
Andrea Andro
Annie Apollo
Amanda Astor
Abbie Alistair
Agnes Andrew
Amie Angus
Annabelle Archibald
Bobbie Benji
Barbie Buddy
Bailey Barney
Blair Bosco
Bonnie Buddy
Carmel Chester
Cotton Chachi
Cherie Carlos
Daisy Denzel
Diamond Daniel
Devine Davis
Emily Fonzie
Edith Flick
Evelyn Flicker
Flowers Gin
Flo Gene
Florence Gustav
Ginger Garry
Ginny Golden
Grace Garret
Hope Hal
Hera Howard
Iris Harley
Irene Ivan
Isis Ian
Jazzy Jake
Julie Jumbo
Jewel Jerry
Kathleen Jughead
Kayleigh King
Kenzie Kronos
Katherine Killer
Kelly Kyle
Lois Lou
Lioness Logan
LuLu Levon
Minnie Lee
Massie Mickey
Mackenzie Mist
Maddie Mandrake
Maggie Michaelangelo
May Marlon
Natty Nemo
Nelly Nero
Nicky Nillson
Ophelia Odie
Olga Oscar
Orchid Oliver
Patty Preacher
Pretty Paul
Prissy Paulie
Quinella Quinn
Queenie Quito
Roxanne Ronnie
Ruby Ricky
Sabrina Rollo
Sasha Slyvester
Savanah Strauss
Tangiers Tirebiter T-Bone
Tigress Tatoo
Tranquility Unger
Ursula Uttley
Unity Ungo
Veronica Vader
Vivica Vinny
Venus Victor
Wendy Wind
Wave William
Yellow Yogi
Zena Yassar
Zsa Zsa Zandor
Zelda Zoltan
These are just a few good names that you may choose from for your new pet. The Scottish terrier is a really great pet and will fill your life with joy. Be sure to respect the animal and you will always get love and affection in return.