Rottweiler Temperament

While rottweilers are notorious for their unstable temperament, one needs to understand that it largely depends on the way they are brought up and treated. Proper attention and basic training can make rottweilers one the best dog breeds to keep as pets.
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The rottweiler, also referred to as the Butchers Dog, is a medium to large-sized dog breed, native to Germany. Owing to their intelligence, rottweilers have become one of the most sought-after breeds in the world. Though they were predominantly used as herding dogs, their use to pull carts carrying livestock or meat was also common back then. Today, these dogs are more popular as guard dogs and family pets, and a large part of the credit for this goes to their temperament.
Rottweiler Breed
Rottweilers can grow to a height of 22 to 36 inches, and gain a weight of around 90 to 110 lbs. As in most animal species, male rottweilers are larger than their female counterparts. Generally, they sport a black coat with a hint of tan or mahogany, which is quite hard and thick. On an average, the litter size for this breed is 8 to 10 puppies, but a litter comprising 10 or more puppies is also seen at times. The average lifespan for this breed ranges between 10 to 12 years.
Rottweilers are basically categorized into two types: American rottweilers and German rottweilers. Their temperament can be best described by 3 Cs, i.e., calmness, confidence, and courage, which invariably makes them ideal family pets.
Rottweiler Temperament
Rottweilers are considered family dogs owing to their good nature, discipline, and alertness. These dogs are fond of humans, especially children, and are always willing to please their owner. Their alertness makes them very good guard dogs, who can react to things happening around them with an amazing efficiency. Rottweilers have been used as herding dogs since a long time. Modern-day rottweilers seem to have genetically acquired the traits required for being guard dogs, from their ancestors.
Rottweilers are often classified among the most aggressive dog breeds because of their potentially dangerous behavior. That, however, is a little harsh on this breed, considering that the so-called dangerous behavior is by and large attributed to the neglectful or abusive behavior of the owner, which makes the otherwise calm breed, take an aggressive stance. It depends on several factors, including the way it is taken care of and the opportunity to release the pent up energy through exercising.
Lately, rottweilers have gained a lot of negative publicity due to various survey reports, which stress on the fact that they are hostile towards other dogs and humans. Not to forget, their depiction as evil dogs in the popular culture, has augmented the negativity towards them. Though that may not hamper the image of this breed in the mind of someone who already owns a pet rottweiler, those planning to bring one as a pet are bound to give it a second thought.
Like many other dog breeds, rottweilers are highly energetic, and hence, need to vent out their pent up energy. If this is not done, they demonstrate a boisterous behavior, characterized by loud barking and unnecessary chewing up of things in the house. Physical activity in the form of work or exercise can help them release that pent up energy. A bored rottweiler can create quite a bit of nuisance in the house. When deciding to keep it as a pet, make sure you have ample time to devote. There is not much of difference between male and female in terms of temperament. A close look at the behavior of the pup can give you a rough idea about its behavior when it grows up. Instead of choosing a too energetic or very shy puppy, you should ideally go for one that is mild, but curious.
Irresponsible ownership can make your pet rottweiler aggressive, not just towards your other pets or strangers, but even towards you. On the other hand, proper training can ensure that your pet grows up to be an obedient companion. This training includes brisk daily walks and interactive sessions with the owner, as well as regular opportunity to run and stretch once in a while. Exercises or games which stimulate the mind are equally important, and your pet rottweiler is sure to like them.
Though rottweilers rank second in the list of dangerous dog breeds, next only to American pit bull terriers, the data on which this information is based also suggests that the number of cases of attacks by them is less than half of the cases of attacks by the American pit bulls. Basically, the temperament of a pet dog depends on the owner. The owner needs to be dominant and firm, but equally loving and calm. Proper training and attention is bound to make to your pet rottweiler a good companion, instead of a rowdy pet.
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