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Being Little is Cool! Reasons Small Dogs Are Better Than Big Ones

Reasons Small Dogs Are Better Than Big Ones
All good things come in small packages. We can say this about dogs too. Other than being a complete package of cuteness, there are many more benefits of having a small breed dog as a pet.
Puja More
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
If your dog is trying to be too mischievous, just pick him up, and it is under your control. Picking up a big dog to control it is almost like weightlifting. If you take a big dog for a walk, it most probably decides the directions instead of you.
Puppy eating
Dogs with more weight need more energy, and hence more food. Small dogs need less energy, and thus, less food. For a small dog, a 15-20 lb bag of dog food can last for up to two months, or even more.
Kitchen interior,Beagle dog
Small dogs cannot tear off your cushion covers or scratch your furniture. They can't even reach your kitchen table to mess up things, because of their small height. They won't litter around the house too much, saving you from the extra cleaning job.
Male vet examining the ear of a chihuahua
Expenses on the medicines of a dog depends on its weight. Small dogs weigh less, so their medicines are not that costly, at least most often than not. Taking care of a small breed is not an expensive task in most cases.
Cheerful couple welcoming people at entrance door,Portrait of dog
If your big dog growls when there are guests are at the door, they would think twice before entering. But the growling of a small dog makes them eager to check where that yipping is coming from. The sound is as cute as the sight.
Woman with dog in airplane
Taking a small dog anywhere is an easy job. You can even fly with them (apart from some exceptions) without paying extra tax. Some hotels have weight limit for pets, so, you don't have to worry whether your pet will be allowed in or not, if it belongs to a small breed.
Small dogs are cute, snuggly, kissable, and soft like stuffed toys. You can pick them, kiss them, and cuddle all day. They are great with small kids too. They are very playful and compatible with them.
Good friends
While working on your laptop or reading a book, your dog comes running to you and jumps over you to play. If the breed is a big one, you know what happens. When it is a small dog, you can continue your task, while having some fun too.
Young girl (8-10) on bed with dog, portrait
You don't need to take any extra efforts to build a kennel for a small dog; they can even live inside your house. The bedding won't be a problem too, as they would take very little space, leaving most of the bed free for you.
Dog and cat eating food from a bowl
If you have a small dog and you want a cat too, you can get one without any second thoughts. Both of them will be great company to each other.
Young woman and dog jumping in the sky
You bring home a dog, it grows up with you, you get attached to it, and sadly lose him in a few years (which is too soon) - this is what happens with bigger dogs. The lifespan of a big dog is around 8-10 years, and that of a small dog is 12-14 years. Small dogs live with you longer than big ones, in most cases.
So these were the many reasons why small dogs are a better bet. But when we talk about security, the size of a dog matters. The size of a small breed dog can be one of the cons in such a case, but there are so many pros to cover this. Mind you, big dogs are very cute and affectionate too, so let's not discount them completely.