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Rare Dog Breeds

Rare Dog Breeds
Everyone's heard of Labradors; even of the Retrievers, but there are many dog breeds still unheard of by many. The ones presented below are so rare, even your reading about them will help them gain recognition. Their fame is required for passionate people to take the efforts to bring up their population numbers.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Through this article we are trying to bring forth information on some of the rarest dog breeds in this world. Some of them are so endangered, that even the world wide web found it difficult to search for informative sites on them. Join the club to save them. Bring one home today.
A native of Turkey, this breed is almost unknown elsewhere in the world. An extremely good looking dog, it was once famous for its incomparable hunting ability. A split nose is a peculiarity of this breed and it highlights the fact that it is basically a scent hound. The split nose could be a result of the severe inbreeding, when hunters could not wait to have them naturally. With 30-44 lbs of weight complimenting a 17 - 24 inch body, this dog can easily be crowned the rarest domestic breed in the world. If its low numbers due to external circumstances weren't threatening enough, it lives for a maximum of only 12 - 14 years. This breed, which is mainly ginger colored, is the kind that anyone could fall in love with at first sight.
A Hungarian herding dog by profession, it does not come as a surprise that this dog earned his fame for having some pretty superior herding skills. This medium-sized dog boasts of agility and courageousness. Though it is still rare outside Hungary, it has at least famed its way into Canada. A Mudi is a cross between a Hungarian herding dog and a prick-eared German herding dog. A Mudi can weigh anything between 8 - 13 kg and grows between 15 - 18.5 inches in height. Its main characteristics are a dense and curly coat. It is intelligent and alert, making it an ideal guard for your home. With a life span of between 13 - 14 years, the only things they need are daily exercise and regular hair care.
Norwegian Lundehund
Also known as the Puffin dogs, these dogs are really cute. According to legend, they were viking companions and this was probably because they are excellent and agile hunters. Some of the characteristics of this dog are frowned upon when found in other breeds and this makes this one very unique. They are known to have extremely flexible joints - it can do a 180 degree back dive where the forehead touches the shoulders. Having 6 toes on each foot certainly aids it to climb a vertical cliff. What I found most interesting was the fact that it can actually close its ear canals at will (most of us wish we could do that sometimes; well, don't tell my boss though!). They can swim as well as climb with equal ease. A known drawback, however, is that it has a digestive weakness to nutrition absorption. This could be one of the reasons for its short life span.
This breed is so rare, it topped the Guinness Book of World Records three times for being the rarest breed in the world. Beat that! Chinook lineage can be traced directly back to a sledge dog of the same name that belonged to the breeder 'Arthur Walden'. It is a crossbreed of all three - Eskimo dogs, the St. Bernards and the Belgian Shepherds. 21 - 27 inches in height and 55-90 pounds of weight does not hamper its immense pulling power in any way. The looks of a shepherd dog and the temperament of a Spitz make a Chinook a good house pet. There are only some 800 odd Chinooks in the world today.
As the name already suggests, these dogs are hunters that were used as specialists in the otter hunting sport. The Otterhound has a history that dates all the way back to the 1100s, so if you love antiques or are fond of cultural richness, here is a dog just made for you. When otter hunting was banned in England in the 1970s, their numbers started a rapid decline until they were declared endangered in 1978. Their rough and shaggy fur and large size makes up their 24 - 26 inches mass and 66 - 120 pounds of weight. They are a cross between the Bloodhounds and the Haired Welsh Terriers and have inherited a super-sensitive nose and an independent willful streak from each of them respectively. They are inquisitive and friendly, love swimming, and make great house companions. There are just about 350 Otterhounds in America today.
Here is a sight hound that is thin and leggy, weighs only 33 to 55 pounds and grows to about 24 - 29 inches tall. Its peculiarity are dry flat muscles that leave evidence of a workout plan. They are extremely rare outside Africa and one can find only about 100 - 200 of them in the U.S. Looks wise, an Azawakh is just a stretched out greyhound that is mainly used for hunting deer. They are pack oriented and love running (didn't take a genius to work that one out). They are the direct descendants of the Bush dogs as more commonly known.
Before bringing home one of these breeds, you might want to research on what can you offer to your new friend and the best breed that suits your offering. After all, nothing can compensate for what he can give you, so why should you skimp and make him unhappy?
Belgian Malinois
Young mudi puppy
Typical Norwegian Lundehund on a green grass lawn
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