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Puppy Sneezing a Lot

Sneezing in puppies is not a major cause of concern, unless it becomes incessant. This DogAppy post lists out the reasons why your puppy is sneezing a lot, and what you can do to curb it.
DogAppy Staff
Puppy sneezing and coughing may occur due to the same reasons because of which a human may sneeze. Most of the time, it is either an upper respiratory tract infection or an irritant that is the cause.
Puppy Sneezing and Coughing Causes
There are many reasons as to why your puppy may be sneezing and coughing. The anatomical structure of the dog nose is similar to humans. They too have sinus problems, that may lead to headaches and congestion.
One of the most common causes of sneezing in pups is allergies. Puppies may develop allergies to pollen grains, plant fibers, or even dog food. Some puppies are allergic to fleas, mites, and dust. They can also become allergic to cigarette smoke or chemicals in deodorants, room fresheners, etc. You can recognize the source of allergies, if your puppy sneezes for a specific time after being exposed to the suspected allergen. Other signs of allergies may be excessive scratching, hot spots, biting and licking paws or tummy excessively.
One of the serious causes of sneezing in pups may include infections. The puppy may have infection in the tooth or root of the tooth. This infection may get drained into the nasal cavity leading to a respiratory infections. Other causes include the infection of the sinuses and nose. The puppy may have been infected by bacteria, virus or fungal agent. These infections may turn chronic, if not treated in a timely manner. If you observe pus or bloody discharge with the sneezing and coughing, the puppy may be suffering from respiratory or sinus infection. If your puppy is prone to infections, it will be wise to note the color of the discharge and frequency of infections for further treatment.
Foreign Body
Your puppy may have sniffed up a foreign object that may have got lodged in the nasal passages. This may lead to puppy sneezing continuously. You may observe discharge usually from one nostril. If you can see or suspect a foreign body in the nasal passage, visit the vet immediately.
One of the most rare causes is the presence of a tumor. This intranasal tumor causes a puppy to sneeze a lot. These puppies generally have discharge from one nostril only. As the tumor grows in size, the puppy continues to sneeze a lot. These tumors may be malignant in nature, and are very difficult to treat. The vet may suggest surgery and chemotherapy, but it is very difficult to reach the tumor due to the anatomy of the nasal passage.
These were some of the causes that may lead to puppy sneezing and coughing. You need to observe if the allergy is seasonal or is it triggered after a specific event in the house. You also need to note if the puppy sneezes after eating some specific food. Observe the color of the nasal discharge and remember to tell your vet about it. A bloody nasal discharge needs immediate medical attention.
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