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Poodle Puppy Care

Poodle Puppy Care

Want to get yourself a new poodle but don't know how to care for it? The following article will help you with exactly that and more. Continue reading for more details on the same.
Rujuta Borkar
Poodles are, in reality, water dogs and were originally bred as retrievers of things from water. Over time, the poodle came to be a house dog and ever since has been among the most popular choices for a pet. Poodles come in three sizes - Toy, miniature and standard and the standard poodle has been touted as one of the most intelligent dogs around. The key feature of these dogs is their puffy coat and the wide variety of the colors that these coats come in. As a pet, the poodle proves to be a highly intelligent and loyal dog and one that is great with kids. It is of no surprise therefore that many people prefer to choose these dogs for pets. Given the proper care, poodle puppies can grow to be very healthy and live up to 15 years (approximately), but this depends on the way that they are bred. That is why expending proper care is essential for the long and healthy life of poodle dogs. In this following section, we will draw your attention to the ways in which proper poodle puppy care can be expended and the factors that will be involved in the same.

Caring for Poodle Puppies

In this following section, we will concentrate on the factors that are involved in proper poodle care and the factors that need to be concentrated about the same.

Give it Time to Adjust
The puppy needs to be given a proper chance of adjusting to the environment. A new puppy will be scared and nervous. Be around it at all times when it is first brought home so that it feels comfortable and cared for. One way of making it feel safe and secure is to have a large crate in place. Cover it with a blanket that ideally has its mother's scent on it. Every time it feels nervous and begins to whimper, place it in the crate and talk slowly and soothingly to him. The crate will double up as a safe haven for him.

Vaccinations and Shots
Make it a point to visit the vet when you first buy the poodle. There are several shots that have to be given to the puppy so that it does not overcome by ailments like worms and other deficiencies. Along with that, the puppy might be suffering from stress, which has to be studied duly and the treatment for the same administered.

Eating Habits
For a couple of days after you get the puppy home, continue to feed it the same food that it was used to eating. Its delicate system cannot adjust to the change as quickly and needs to be given the chance to adjust. Feed the puppy thrice a day. Experiment to see whether it seems eager and finishes all the food or whether it leaves some food behind. In the earlier case, add more food and in the latter, reduce the amount a little. Talk to your vet to determine the kind of food that should be fed to the puppy.

Potty Training
Another very important factor that you'll want to get in immediately after you get the puppy home is that of potty training the puppy. Decide a place that you want it to use and then start a routine whereby you take it to the place after every meal, after you come back from work - in short every time you think that it needs to go. Be patient while it learns to use the place. There will be times when it will defecate and urinate in the home. This is because it has a weak bladder. Do not ever scold, or worse, get physically abusive. This will lead to the instilling of fear in his mind about the place that you want it to use and you as well. This will then thwart the progress and lead to poodle behavior problems. Every time it uses the place and does not go anywhere else for its business, praise it with encouraging words so that it reads your tone and understands that this is what is expected of him.

You could start teaching the puppy important commands like 'sit', 'stay', 'roll' and more like the same. Again, be patient about it and never scold or abuse. Another important factor to keep in mind is to have a single alpha leader in place who will be in charge of teaching the commands. The more the people trying to teach it commands, that much more the confusion will increase because every person has a different way of teaching commands.

Physical activity is very important for any dog. The poodle puppy is no exception. Exercising can be undertaken as simple walks or jogging across the block as well as fetch games. A puppy might want to do its business when it's out. Encourage it for the same.

Given its thick coat, it becomes extremely important that there is proper poodle grooming undertaken of the same. If not, its coat can get tangled and messy. Make sure that you brush it every single day. Other than that, ensure that it has no ear infections by running a moist cotton bud through inside of its ear. Any swelling or redness should be immediately related to the vet.

Stimulating Environment
Poodles are intelligent dogs and they need to be provided with a stimulating environment so that they are able to enhance these skills. This can be done by providing them with toys and allowing them to experiment with the same. Similarly, encouraging your kids to play with them is also a great way to get them to become more intelligent.

The ways that one expends miniature poodle puppy care will follow the same trend, except that given their size, one has to maintain a more stringent look. Here's hoping that this piece has been able to give you the necessary information that is required when it comes to care for your poodle puppy.