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Complete Information About Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd Mix

Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd Mix Information
A dog with alluring looks and characteristic colors and markings is none other than the Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd mix. This designer dog is a cross breed between an Australian Shepherd and a Pomeranian. This DogAppy article shares more information with you on this mix breed.
Mukta Badipatla
Last Updated: May 16, 2018
Advice for Probable Pet Owners
In all probability, puppies that are bred commercially and indiscriminately can:
  • Have mood issues
  • Develop a disease or have hereditary issues
  • Be difficult to housebreak
  • Find it tough to adjust with a family.
Playful Red Pomeranian Spitz Dog
The most peculiar feature about the Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd mix breed is that it is free of all the genetic disruptions that any pure breed dog might suffer from. Predicting information regarding a pure breed dog is easier than predicting information about a mix breed dog. You can easily tell what the size of the litter and temperament of a pure breed dog will be. But predicting the same accurately about a mix breed is difficult due to inheritance of dissimilar characteristics from each progenitor. Nevertheless, making generalizations is always the way out. So, here we present to you with in-depth and precise information regarding the Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd mixed breed.
Meet the Parents
Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd
Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd Mix
Appearance of the Coat and Shedding
Two Little Pomeranian Spitz Puppies
The Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd mixed breed will strut off with mid-length coat. The coat also has markings, which are similar to the Aussie parent. The Australian-Shepherd and Pomeranian's coat are mid length as well! The mixed breed will shed moderately, similar to its parents. Fortunately, this mixed breed only requires shampooing and brushing for its coats. The need for cutting the coat or styling doesn't arise.
Cute Pomeranian Dog Smiling
The Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd mixed breed is everything, from being faithful and doting to friendly and perfect watchdogs. Also, there is no danger in letting this dog play with children. They are also easy to train.
Cute pomeranian puppy on green grass
This mixed breed is active and small. A daily walk is a must for him. Smaller dogs only need to be walked once every day. Nevertheless, mixed breeds who are big, about the size of their larger parent, have to be walked twice a day.
Health Concerns
Although crossbreeds are known to be more powerful when it comes to health, than the pure breed dog, these mixes do have their set of follies. Kneecap dislocation, heart issues, cataract, and teeth problems are some of the health issues they might suffer from. Sometimes, the Australian Shepherds are born deaf, blind, or both. So, this can also be inherited by the cross breed.
Living Conditions
Purebred Dog
Unlike their parent Pomeranian, this mixed breed does not adjust in apartments. The Pomeranian-Australian mix requires at least a long yard to move about. But if provided with frequent walks and exercise, this dog is a good pet for apartments as well.
Last but not the least, do make it a point to shower these dogs with lots of love. If you are a first-timer in owning a dog, then we would suggest you to give it a good thought before getting home any mix breed. A dog is a lifetime commitment. So, do not make these decisions on a whim.
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