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Personality Traits of the Intelligent Siberian Husky-Pit Bull Mix

Personality Traits of a Siberian Husky-Pit Bull Mix
Good looks and pure brawn combine with a Siberian Husky-Pit Bull mix. To that, add some playfulness and tons of energy, and you get a wonderful pet. This DogAppy write-up lists the characteristics of a Siberian Husky-Pit Bull mix.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018
Who wants a Pitsky?
Yes, you read that right. Keeping in line with the convention of making a portmanteau out of parent breeds to name the offspring, a Siberian Husky-Pit Bull mix is rightly called the 'Pitsky'.
All other considerations apart, there's one thing you need to know upfront about owning this dog―his energy levels are sky-high at all times, and he does not favor a lifestyle that includes too much of lounging around. Both, the Husky and the Pit Bull are known for their fondness of the outdoors―the Husky is predominantly a sled dog, whereas the Pit Bull has a long history of being known as a 'nursemaid's dog', hardworking and playful. Combine their traits, and you get a sweet bundle of energy that is hard to contain. So, if you're not the outdoorsy type, you know you'd be better off with a more, let's say, sedate Frenchie.
And for those among you who are still interested, here's a lot more on what to expect from your Husky-Pit Bull mix.
With crossbred dogs, it is never easy to accurately describe their appearance, as they may borrow their looks from either parent, in any proportion. These dogs generally tend to have a stocky body―the Pit Bulls are shorter in height compared to the Husky, so a cross may be somewhere in between. Their coat can be inherited from either parent as well, with Huskies having thick, silky coats, whereas the Pit Bulls are short haired. These dogs also stand to inherit a much-coveted trait from their Husky parent―that of those piercing blue eyes.
Temperament and Personality
It's unfortunate how Pit Bulls have been maligned over the years, when they've always been known as 'the nursemaid's dog', ever since the beginning of the twentieth century. All said and done, Pit Bulls are naturally enthusiastic and immensely loyal by nature, which can prompt them go to any lengths to please their master. These dogs need obedience training right since puppyhood. Therefore, since your dog has quite a bit of Pit Bull in him, it automatically qualifies him for obedience training.
Siberian Huskies may have the look of a wolf in the wild, but these dogs are as gentle as they come. They are energetic and playful, and possess a high degree of intelligence. They are not naturally suspicious, and don't make the best guard dogs.
Deriving traits from both parents, your Pitsky is bound to be playful and lively. Mind you, this dog needs a lot of exercise, both physical and mental, as he's bound to get bored easily.
This dog will rarely be a couch potato. Huskies have been traditional sled-pullers, whereas Pit Bulls are naturally athletic. Lack of exercise will make them irritable and lead them to misbehave in protest.
Your pet will be a champion digger, as several owners seem to testify. Huskies and Pit Bulls are known to dig their way under fences and escape. Pit Bulls are known to have a peculiar proclivity for chewing, and have been known to bite through fences and doghouses. However, there is nothing that behavioral training can't keep in check.
A Pitsky does well with children around him. He may initially have an instinctive urge to chase small children and other tiny pets, but this needs to be nipped in the bud by training and socializing the dog since a young age.
Grooming and Exercise
Pitsky dogs are quite low-maintenance in the grooming department. Their soft, straight coat needs to be brushed using a solid bristled comb. Bathing them regularly will ensure cleanliness and keep ticks and fleas at bay. Their ears need to be checked and cleaned occasionally.
Exercise is of primary importance when it comes to this breed. Long walks twice a day, along with some running, is highly recommended. Always ensure that you, as the pack leader, walk and runs ahead of the dog, as they waste no time in showing their dominance over you. Play a lot of fetch, as your dog is sure to love it, and spend a lot of time getting fresh air. However, keep in mind that you must limit the physical exertion if the weather gets too warm, and keep your dog well-hydrated.
Pitskys are adorable to keep as pets, provided you have a specific agenda to tackle their enormous level of enthusiasm and energy. Let them live an active and healthy lifestyle, and they are sure to return the favor in kind, by becoming the best pet you'd ever have.