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Unravelling the Personality Traits of a Boxer-Pitbull Mix Dog

Personality Traits of a Boxer-Pit Bull Mix Dog
The pit bull and the boxer are two fairly large breeds. Both are alert, playful, and excellent watchdogs. Their offspring inherits all these characteristics and turns out to be a fantastic pet. Find out all about the personality traits of a boxer-pit bull mix, right here.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
So many names. One amazing dog.
The boxer-pit bull mix goes by several names. We've listed some popular names for you:

1. Bullboxer Pit
2. American Bullboxer
3. Bullboxer
The Bullboxer Pit is a cross between a Boxer and an American Pit Bull Terrier. In case of mix breeds, it is always a good idea to research personality traits and physical features of both parent breeds in order to make an estimation of how the offspring will turn out to be.

Despite doing so, keep in mind that each dog is different, and possesses traits which are unique to him. Furthermore, the manner in which the dog is raised goes a long way in shaping up his personality. Therefore, behavioral training and socialization play a very important role in a pet dog's life.
Boxer-Pit Bull Mix Personality
To begin with, here's a small insight into what the parents are like. With mix breeds, one can always expect a combination of traits which are borrowed from either parent. Take a look at the personalities of the boxer and pit bull.
Boxer dog
Boxer dog
► Boxers are highly adaptable, affectionate, intelligent, and playful. They are also alert, and make excellent watchdogs.

► Be mindful that they tend to be a bit territorial and attention-seeking as well. They are inherently sweet natured and love to fool around with their family or their favorite person.
► Boxers also carry a reputation of being a bit mischievous, despite what their stern expression may suggest. The breed is reputed to be good for families, especially those with children.

► They tend to be suspicious, but have been rarely known to be aggressive towards strangers. Remember that big breeds like boxers love to exercise, and need to spend quality time indulging in physical activities everyday.
Pit bull dog
Pit bull dog
► Pit bulls are strong, athletic, and courageous dogs. Physically, they are stockily built and boast of high energy levels.

► Pit bulls can be very loyal and possess an innate desire to please their owners. This trait has been exploited by some breeders who trained them to be aggressive towards strangers, as well as other animals.
► This breed carries a reputation of being overly protective and headstrong. Socializing will help the dog to be friendly yet watchful towards other pets and outsiders, and greatly minimize the possibility of an unprovoked attack.

► The breed ranks high on several temperament tests, and is the victim of unethical breeding and training. It wasn't too long ago that the pit bull was known as the 'nursemaid's dog' for its ability to babysit young children.
Boxer pit bull mix
Boxer pit bull mix
The Bullboxer Pit is loyal, affectionate, and full of energy.
The Bullboxer Pit will be a good watchdog. He'll be intelligent and proactive when it comes to pleasing the owner. Therefore, invest quality time in training the dog to follow basic commands yourself. Remember, this dog will be rather powerful and very energetic, so it can easily knock over objects or small children during playtime. It is important to monitor him around new people and pets, as his enthusiasm can allow him to get carried away. Of course, with ample socialization, your dog will learn to be patient with strangers and new animals as well.

Looks and Size
Bullboxer Pits have a short, glossy coat that is easy to maintain. They can have a big head like the pit bull with a short muzzle. They usually stand 20 to 27 inches tall and have a stocky build. Weight ranges between 40 and 75 lbs.

Health and Lifespan
The Bullboxer Pit is described to be generally healthy. Exercising is a must, as this dog will get irritable otherwise. He could be vulnerable to hip dysplasia, heart disease, and grass allergies, quite like the American Pit Bull Terrier. The breed is long-lived with a general lifespan of 12 to 14 years.