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Oxygen Masks for Dogs

Oxygen Masks for Dogs

Most of us are aware of the use of oxygen masks that are primarily used for medicinal purposes. Go through this article for a brief overview about canine oxygen masks.
Sonia Nair
Most of us are familiar with oxygen masks used for humans. There are many types of oxygen masks that are used by aviators, astronauts and divers. Such masks are also used for medicinal purposes. But, have you heard about oxygen masks for dogs and other pets? Yes. Even animals may require a dose of lifesaving oxygen at times.

Why do Dogs Need Oxygen Masks

We all know that oxygen masks are used as a lifesaving measure. But, under what circumstances do they require oxygen? Apart from being used by vets for medicinal purposes, these masks are used to rescue dogs that are trapped in fire. It has been noted that unlike humans, who try to escape from fire, pets often have a tendency to get scared and hide under something. This makes them prone to death due to asphyxiation. In such circumstances, they need oxygen for survival.

Oxygen masks used for humans may not prove useful for animals. However, those meant for pets are perfect for this purpose. Oxygen masks for dogs may also prove beneficial in improving the chances of accident victims (dogs and other pet animals). Such masks are also used in oxygen therapy for treating dogs with pulmonary edema.

Canine Oxygen Mask

Oxygen masks for humans may not be useful for dogs, as they do not fit the snouts of these animals. Dog oxygen masks are usually cup-shaped and are found to fit their snouts perfectly. It is made of shatter-proof plastic, which prevents the animal from damaging the mask and biting the rescuers. The mask has a hose to supply oxygen and the two vents facilitate inhalation and exhalation. Oxygen masks for dogs were initially used by vets, but nowadays, they are used by firefighters too. These masks are highly effective in administering oxygen to dogs that are under asphyxiation, due to exposure to smoke and fumes. There are numerous instances, where timely supply of oxygen helped to save the lives of these animals.

So, a dog oxygen mask is indeed a useful device, in such emergency conditions. Pet oxygen masks come in three sizes and can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. This device is said to be useful in for almost all air-breathing animals. Even reptiles are said to be rescued with the help of such masks. Pet oxygen masks can be easily cleaned and reused. Such oxygen mask kits usually come with three masks of different sizes, necessary accessories like tubing and laminated instructions. However, oxygen cylinders do not come with these kits.

In short, oxygen masks for dogs are getting increasingly popular with firefighters, who find this equipment helpful in saving life of dogs trapped in infernos and those involved in traffic accidents and other emergencies. Earlier, the use of such masks were restricted to vets, but, now, animal welfare groups are keen in supplying these devices to firefighters and other disaster management groups. Even individuals may procure such oxygen mask kits for their pets, who require oxygen therapy at home, due to certain health problems. But, you must have adequate knowledge in using this equipment properly, especially about the level of oxygen required for specific conditions. If you are using it for health purposes, use it as per the instructions of the vet.