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Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds
There is no denying the fact that orthopedic memory foam beds provide relief to dogs suffering from aging-related health issues, but then, if they are provided at a young age, they can also ensure a healthy future for your pet-minus all these health issues.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2018
Boxer mixed breed dog sleeping
Sleep is as important for dogs as it is for us. At times, however, health problems, like joint pain and arthritis, make their life miserable. As in the case of humans, this is usually the case in aging dogs.
These disorders don't just restrict their movements, but also make it virtually impossible for them to get sound sleep, eventually making them irritable. At this point, what these dogs need the most, is a good quality bed, which will help them get sound sleep.
Most manufacturers make lucrative claims of their dog beds being cool, fashionable, best, etc. However, the factors that you need to look into while buying a bed for your dog are comfort, support, and durability. Most dog owners swear by the comfort of orthopedic memory foam bed.
Even dogs suffering from arthritis recover and regain their mobility with the use of these beds. These beds also provide comfort to young dogs suffering from hip dysplasia.
Orthopedic Memory Foam Beds
While sleeping, our body is subjected to the forces of gravity. These forces act on the mattress through the pressure points of our body, like shoulders, hips, and joints. Without a mattress, these forces act upon the pressure points causing discomfort. We toss and turn to get rid of this discomfort. Excessive tossing and turning leads to disruptive sleep.
The same theory applies to dogs as well. Dogs are naturally inclined towards sleeping on hard surfaces. But hard surfaces do not absorb the weight that gravitational forces exert on the pressure points. Due to this, dogs are very likely to suffer from joint pain.
Orthopedic memory foam beds aim at eliminating the pressure points. They provide the necessary support and firmness, and―at the same time―pacify the dog's urge to sleep on a hard bed. These beds absorb the weight and distribute it evenly throughout the dog's body.
They also soothe the muscles, which is highly beneficial for active and sporty dogs who accompany their owners on jogging and hiking escapades. Unlike ordinary beds, which are filled with fiber, orthopedic beds make use of high density orthopedic foam fill. This provides great comfort and the dog gets a sound sleep at night without tosses and turns.
Different Types
Standard Orthopedic Beds
Standard Orthopedic Beds
In these beds, the inner mattress is made from a mixture of crushed egg shells and medical grade orthopedic foam that prevents flattening upon use.
Super Orthopedic Beds
dog bed
These orthopedic beds have a waterproof outer shell to protect the foam layer beneath from urine saturation. They are ideal for dogs suffering from incontinence.
Heated Beds
These beds come with an attachable heating unit that warms up to 102°, when the dog lies on them.
Pet Safe Wellness Beds
dog bed
In these beds, the combination of heat and vibration produces a massaging effect for the dog.
Coil Orthopedic Beds with Pillow Tops
If you are willing to spend a fortune, you should opt for these beds―the top most type, which promise a high degree of comfort.
  • Relieves older dogs from arthritis, sore joints, muscle pain, etc., and younger dogs from dyslpasia.
  • Reduction in tossing and turning by 90 percent.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No sagging or flattening
  • Highly durable
  • Provide therapeutic cushioning
Golden Retriever Lying on Blue Dog Bed
As the dog spends major part of his day lying and sleeping, orthopedic beds should be located at places where your dog is most likely to relax. As a preventive measure, having orthopedic beds for your dog at a young age can help in preventing muscular disorders in later years.