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Non-barking Dog Breeds

Non-barking Dog Breeds
Are you looking for information related to non barking dog breeds? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. The following article will introduce you with some of the dog breeds that don't bark and can easily adapt to an apartment lifestyle. Read on and know more about these cute dog pets.
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Don't you want to have a cute companion who will readily go for walks in the park with you? Would you like to have a faithful friend in whom you can confide your worries and feel relaxed? I am sure you would, but who am I talking about? I am talking about man's best friend, a dog. However, most of us have no choice but to avoid bringing home a dog as pet. This is because dogs bark. And this barking not only disturbs your next door neighbor but also the entire neighbor hood at times. Many apartments have a no pet policy that does not allow people to bring in dogs. Thus, many people think of getting small dog breeds as pets. They assume these small dogs will bark less and are easy to take care of. But, this is a big misconception, as not all small dogs are quiet and easy to maintain. If you are looking for small non barking dog breeds that are easy to maintain, read the following article.
Dog Breeds That Don't Bark
Barking dogs are one of the main causes of people begin thrown out of their apartments. This is because irritated neighbors have no patience to bear the constant loud barks. However, non barking dogs are actually dogs that don't bark. Well, not in literal terms. They do communicate, but not by barking. They tend to bay, howl or make gurgling or grumbling sounds that are not very noisy. Some of these dogs that don't bark are covered below:
One of the quietest dog breeds is Basenji. This dog is said to have originated in Africa and cannot bark or bay. It tends to make low gurgling sounds. They weigh less than 20 to 25 pounds when mature. They thus, do well as a small house or apartment dog. Basenji requires routine walks to keep it active. Occasionally, the dog may give out a bark, in presence of the other dogs.
Beagles are dogs that can't bark. But they tend to bay and this is a very deep toner sound. This may make them one of the loudest dogs in the neighborhood. They tend to be quiet at most times, but may bay when they are excited, trying to alert the owner or as a friendly greeting for another dog.
The Borzoi has a very regal appearance. They are gentle dogs and love to run. These dogs are very quiet, calm and docile in nature. The Borzoi can prove to be a good family dog as they are very loving and protective of their families. They are also low maintenance dogs and require a twice a week brushing and grooming.
French Bulldog
The French bulldog is a delightful pet that loves begin with a family. These small dog that don't bark are very affectionate and love constant human interaction. They are small and tend to have a very comical personality. These are one of the most devoted small dogs for a family.
This dog from the Middle East, belongs to the hunting dog breed group. This is not only a quiet dog, but also a low shedding dog. It is good around children, but one should supervise these dogs around toddlers. They are very easy to distract and therefore, need to be kept busy at all times. If left alone or bored for long time, they may even plan an escape.
The cute little pug will take your heart away with just one look. The Pug belongs to the toy group of dogs. They have a laid back and quite nature. However, they are full of self-confidence and can be a bit on the stubborn side. However, they have no airs and will love getting cozy in any lap they find. The Pug does well in a house with limited space and kids to play with.
These are a few non barking dog breeds that you can bring home as pets. Other 'quiet' dog breeds include St. Bernard, Whippet, Neapolitan Mastiff, Greyhound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bouvier des Flandres and many more. Search for the right breed for your home and enjoy a life long companionship of these beautiful, loyal animals.
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