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Natural Laxatives for Dogs

Natural Laxatives for Dogs
Constipation in dogs can get to be a major issue that can lead to several other health problems in them as well. To deal with this problem effectively, here are ideas for some natural laxatives for dogs.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Sometimes, dogs are affected by constipation, which could come about due to a number of reasons like wrong foods, overeating, dehydration and more. One thing is clear though that constipation can play havoc in your dog's life, just like it would in yours. In such a situation, the best thing to do for your dog's health is to use some natural laxatives and get rid of this problem. Why the stress on natural? Because these can be easily procured and they won't have any negative effects on your dog's system either.
Sounds too simple? Good. That's how it should be. Sometimes a dog gets dehydrated and therefore, it causes major problems in digestion. The first thing one should do when one's dog is constipated is to encourage him to have a lot of water. Also, increase his fluid intake by supplementing other additives like broth (unsalted), and soups.
You can either mash a pumpkin yourself or buy a can of crushed pumpkin (plain pumpkin puree, not the one that has spices in it!). Use this mixture to feed the dog. Pumpkin has a lot of water content and is also a rich source of fiber. Both these products help tremendously in relieving a dog's constipation. Make sure it is no more than 2 teaspoons at one time.
One of the main reasons that dogs suffer from constipation is due to the lack of fiber in their foods. A constipated dog should (therefore) be fed with foods that have a high content of fiber in them. Brans of all kinds (wheat, rice, oats) work effectively as a natural laxative. Mix some water in it and feed the dog, or add about a teaspoon of the bran to his food.
Milk usually causes diarrhea in pet, but in a situation like this, a little milk goes a long way. Choose real dairy milk and feed your dog about 1/8th of a cup (puppies) or ½ a cup (adult dogs) twice in the day.
Metamucil (Psyllium)
This is a form of fiber that helps to increase the bulk of stool in the dog. This results in stimulating the intestinal contractions and therefore, promotes bowel movements. Give about ½ - 2 teaspoons to your dog every 24 hours.
Milk of Magnesium
Milk of magnesium or magnesium hydroxide can be given to dogs in small amounts to relieve them of constipation problems. This mineral helps to increase the water content and therefore, induces stools.
Adding small amounts (½ - 1 ½ teaspoons) of oils like olive oil, safflower oil, mineral oil or Castor oil in your dog's meals can help in making the defecation process easy. This remedy can be carried forth for a week at a time.
Walk the Dog
Many times, a distinct lack of exercising can cause the dog to become constipated. In dealing with that, make sure that you take your dog for a rigorous walk and run everyday. The other advantage of walking your dog is that the dog will feed on natural growing grass which helps in relieving constipation.
P.S. - Make sure that you consult your vet once before you administer any of these dog constipation remedies as a form of natural laxatives.
Other Pointers
Make sure that you carry forth good dog care so that it is not attacked by other dog illnesses. What are the steps that you should include in your routine? Here are the following.
  • Observe his stools. These are the first indicators of your dog's health problems.
  • If your dog has a lot of fur, make sure that the fur is well trimmed near its rectum. The fur there can block stools, leading to inflammation. This will discourage your dog from defecating. The direct result of which is constipation in dogs.
  • Ensure that the dog gets enough exercise and water content.
  • Take him to a vet regularly to rule out any other health issues.
  • Ask your vet for a de-worming medication from time to time.
These natural laxatives will help you to provide the much-needed relief for your dog. But the next time try and ensure that dog constipation is never an issue because it takes a toll on the dog.
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