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Most Loyal Dogs in The World

Most Loyal Dogs in The World
This post will provide you with a list of loyal dogs on the world. Read on to know more about man's best friend.
Ashlesha Bhondwe
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2018
Dog is a man's best friend is one phrase that will never be overrated. These animals, since a long time, have been great companions to man. A perfect family picture looks complete with a family dog. All dogs are loyal, yet there have to be a few special mentions when talking about loyal dog breeds.
Top Ten Most Loyal Dogs
Border Collie
These dog breeds are originally from Scotland. They are friendly, intelligent, and are of course loyal and very protective of their owners.
German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog on a Country Walk
This breed may seem to be very aggressive and dangerous, but when it comes to protecting their family, and also for their loyalty, they would probably top that list as well. A proper training is, however, very important.
Bright labrador retriever
This breed originated in North America. Labrador Retrievers are cheerful and active dogs, and are very loyal. These are one of the best dogs for children as they get along very well with them.
Brittany retriever DOG with handlers legs
This breed is from the Brittany province of France. These dogs have a very sweet nature and are very easy to train. Their eyes have a peculiar look which will make you fall in love with them.
Resting beagle
This breed is used in homeland security. These dogs have a very acute sense of smell. They are fun loving and gentle, and make loyal companions.
Boxer dog sitting on a green field, Italy
This is a German breed, that was originally used as a hunting dog. This is an extremely energetic breed and very loyal. They are wary of strangers, but very faithful to their family.
Kuvasz puppy
This breed has its origin in Hungary. These dogs actually have a sense of humor and are quite entertaining. They are loyal to their families and love to be the center of attention.
Dachshund dog
These dogs are said to have originated in Germany. They are also known as hot dogs as they have a long body. These dogs are very playful and faithful.
St Bernard
Saint Bernard
The first thought that comes up when this breed is mentioned is Beethoven. Sure they can be slobs, but they are very loyal and were originally used as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps. They love to please their owners.
Yorkshire Terriers
Cute Yorkshire Terrier Dog Playing in the Yard
Popularly known as a Yorkie, this is one of the cutest dog breeds. They are very popular as show dogs. They won't be aggressive, but they are definitely very loyal.
Having mentioned these breeds, listed here are some celebrity dogs in history, who due to their loyal, faithful, and helpful nature, have made a mark for themselves.
Loyal Dogs in History
More than being loyal, the deeds done by some of these dogs are heroic. Following is a list of loyal dogs in history.
  • Chips, tank guard during World War II
  • Hachiko, waited for his owner for years
  • Togo and Balto, helped bring an antidote to an epidemic
  • Barry, the superdog who rescued 40 people in Alps
  • Stubby, war dog in World War I
  • Owney, maildog (mascot of the railway mail service)
  • Guinefort, the Saint dog who protected his owner's child's life
The word loyal is almost inseparable from these dogs. Loyal, faithful, loving, and caring is what they are and have always been.