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Morkie Puppies Information
If you are planning to adopt a Morkie puppy, there is some initial research on their behavior and care that you need to do. After all, you will be taking on a responsibility, and it is always better to be completely prepared for it.
Ratnashri Dutta
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018
Morkie Puppy
Cross-breeds (or designer dogs) are gaining a lot of popularity these days because of the way in which these breeds can be molded to near perfection. In most hybrid dogs, the unwanted characteristics of the parents are eliminated and the preferred traits are retained, thus creating breeds which come with a lot of positives. One such example is that of the Morkies - a cross-breed between the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. Owners opine that along with their cute features and lively demeanor, one of their striking features is their loyalty to the owners - thus making this breed a highly popular one.
Breed and Appearance
The Morkie dog breed is not a pure breed; hence it will not be registered as a purebred even if it is of the first generation. They are a hybrid between Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier breeds and are also known as Yorktese. The appearance of the puppy depends upon the breed it hails from. If you find that among a litter of puppies one looks like a Maltese while the other looks like the Yorkshire, then do not be surprised as this is nothing new.
Coat, Height and Weight
The color of the coat may, again, vary depending on the parent breed. But mainly, the color often observed is a shade of apricot, white or brown. The most common morkies that you will see around you are black and tan in color which, as they grow older, becomes silver grayish. Another important information is that their coat is rather soft and that this is one of the non shedding dogs, which means that you won't find your sofa or bed or room, filled with long dog hair. The coats are also long and straight and flowing, hence they require a haircut often and need to be brushed daily. Most of the time, the puppies look like Yorkshire dogs rather than Maltese. The morkie dog breeds grow up to a height of 6 to 9 inches. Some may even grow up to a height of 12 inches. They weigh around 7 to 8 pounds.
General Health
Like any concerned pet owner, you are bound to worry about the general health of mix breed. Before you buy a morkie puppy, it is advisable to carry out a general check about the health of the parent dogs. Sometimes, they might pass down some dog illness to the puppies. During grooming your morkie, ensure that you pay special attention to the hair around the eyes, feet and legs to prevent a buildup of dirt, tangling and matting. Wash them with a mild medicated shampoo, in order to get rid of any dog fleas. Brush their teeth frequently otherwise they might lose them at a very early age. Also, take your puppy for regular checkups. If you are not careful, then the morkies, as they grow older, might show signs of sickness like tracheal collapse, cataracts, or glaucoma, or some kind of heart disease. These are some of the illnesses the puppies might acquire from their parents. So, conduct a proper research about the puppies parentage and lineage. Your morkie will live a healthy life for at least 16 years, if you take proper care of it.
Behavior and Character
They are lap dogs to the core, constantly craving for their owner's attention and nothing will make them happier than spending time with the owner. Socializing in the initial stages of development is urged because else they tend to become stubborn and tough to train later on. Once they know how to socialize, they can be very friendly. Morkies do not react well if ignored for a long time and act temperamental. Also, do not go by their size. Even though they are tiny little things, they make for a good guard dog. They are always alert and do not entertain strangers. If they see that their master is friendly with the other person, only then will the puppies or the dogs, entertain the stranger. The morkies get this brave attitude from Maltese.
Morkies are best suited for an environment revolving closer to the family members. It is advisable for families with rather small children to not opt for this pet as it is a fragile dog and playing with children can lead to accidents. They are attention seekers and love to spend a great deal of time with the family. These dogs do not need large playground for walks or a run, since they are small in size, a casual walk around the park is a sufficient form of exercise for them, although they usually insist on going for an extended walk. Morkies are pretty active indoors but if they do not get enough exercise outdoors, they keep themselves busy at home by starting to chew on furniture and other things.
All in all, morkies are the sweetest apartment dogs you can find. Just provide them with the care, love and the paparazzi treatment they need and no dog owner will be happier. These loyal and devoted mix breeds are surely unique in their own way!
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