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Facts About Miniature Teacup Chihuahuas

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 26, 2018
The miniature teacup Chihuahua gets its name because of its size. When it is a puppy, this dog is small enough to fit into a teacup. Here is some information about this breed.
Chihuahua, the world's smallest dog breed, has been named after the state of Chihuahua, which is in Mexico. It is an adorable pet dog with a saucy expression and a terrier-like nature.
Chihuahua is comparatively healthier than the other small dog breeds. It has a wonderful personality in spite of its small size. It is included in the 'toy group' by the American Kennel Club, considering it as a toy breed.


Its amazing personality and unique physical appearance makes this dog a great go-everywhere companion. It comes in different coat colors and coat types.
There are two varieties based on the type of coat - smooth and long coat. Both these varieties have the same breed characteristics and are very often present in the same litter. Many people prefer to have the smooth coat rather than the long coat type.
The miniature teacup Chihuahua refers to the same breed of Chihuahuas, except that it weighs lesser than the standard weight. A miniature teacup variety weighs less than 3 pounds. In fact, it is unusually small as a pup. These pups are born within a litter of regular Chihuahuas. It is also referred to as 'teacup', 'pocket', or 'tinies'.

Different Names

The Chihuahua Club of America (CCA) is concerned about the different names assigned to the same breed, and has expressed that the usage of these terms is incorrect and misleading.
The Teacup has been referred to as exotic and more valuable by dog breeders for fetching more money from the buyers. Hence, one should be aware of this fact and take care while buying a puppy.


This dog has a large and well-rounded (apple dome) skull, which is one of the most characteristic features of this breed. There is a soft spot or muzzle on top of the skull of a puppy. The snout or muzzle is moderately-short and pointed. It has large, radiant, shiny, and non-protruding eyes.
Another important feature is the presence of large and erect ears at a slightly lower portion on the head. It has a well-balanced body. The body length is slightly more than the height. It has a moderately-long and sickle-shaped tail.


This dog can be trained easily provided that one has patience and a great sense of humor while training. It is very intelligent, energetic, and a quick learner, who responds well to proper training. It is a loyal and faithful watchdog. However, it should be trained about how to meet people since it has a feisty and mischievous character.
Many dog buyers get attracted to the Teacup because of its extraordinary small size. However, some people are of the opinion that it has certain health problems and a very short life span as compared to the normal Chihuahuas.
The Chihuahua is not recommended for families with children under 8 years as children might cause injury to the dog. While keeping this breed, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions and extra care required for its health and well-being.