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Miniature Schnauzer Temperament

Miniature schnauzers are tiny dogs full of energy and excitement. On one hand, they are very affectionate and make great home pets, while on the other side, their fiercely protective nature makes them great watchdogs.
DogAppy Staff
Miniature schnauzers are small, endearing dogs with masses of hair falling on their elongated heads. They appear like miniature versions of standard schnauzers, and were bred by crossing the Standard schnauzer with other small dog breeds like the Poodle and Affenpinscher.
These dogs are well-known for their small size and light-spirited nature, which makes them fun pets to have at home. However, besides being overly active and energetic, these dogs are sturdy and robust, and have the capacity to protect themselves and their owners, when faced by a threat.
Active Lifestyle
They enjoy going for brisk walks and love running around and frolicking without their leash. They have an active lifestyle and always love to be on their toes. Thus, as a pet owner, it becomes one's responsibility to provide enough exercise to the dog and ample number of opportunities to do interesting things.
Great Companions
Miniature schnauzers are very endearing and affectionate, not to mention how loyal and devoted they are to their families. They shower you with their love and attention and expect the same in return. They enjoy following their owners from one room to another and never like to be left alone. You will find that they love spending time with you―snuggling into your lap on the couch and being pampered. Moreover, if you have been away, then on returning home, you're sure to be greeted by vocal sounds and licks, that is sure to make you feel special. These dogs are not attached to places, but are attached to people, which is what makes them even more endearing. If neglected or ignored, miniature schnauzers can get very ill, thus, it's important to make sure you give them the love and affection they need.
Great Watchdogs
Besides being loving and cute, these dogs are also fiercely protective and loyal. They will put in all they have got to protecting their family. They make great watchdogs and take special joy and interest in announcing visitors. They may be vocal, however, they do not bark incessantly, which is another blessing. However, they do have a tendency of being suspicious of strangers and if not controlled, may become suspicious of all they come in contact with.
Content Living in Apartments
These dogs are great for people living in small apartments, because they are content living in small places without yards. As long as they get enough exercise outdoors, they will happily adjust to the indoors. Their spunky, mettlesome temperament truly makes them wonderful pets. Moreover, they get along well with other pets in the house, which is a boon in itself!
Generally, miniature schnauzers do not exhibit aggressive behavior, however, since they have a mind of their own, they may prove to be slightly stubborn at times. Training older dogs will prove to be difficult and frustrating, which is why it is important to train them in their pup stage itself. The earlier you begin training them, the easier it will be for you to handle them.